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How many km is Clementi forest?

How many km is Clementi forest?

12 km
Bukit Timah Hill and Clementi Forest

Distance: 12 km
Ascent: 290 m
Descent: 290 m
High: 164 m
Low: 17 m

How do I start Clementi forest?

Unlike Macritchie or Bukit Timah Hill, Clementi Forest does not have a proper entrance – It’s behind a bus stop. The bus stop is opposite Ngee Ann Poly (bus stop 12109). Behind the bus stop, you will see the forest already – there’s a trail by the longkang.

Where does the green corridor start?

The Green Corridor The trail goes from Kranji to Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Holland, Tanglin and finally ending at Alexandra. you can still explore the corridor through a mix of dirt paths, designated pavements and remnants of the railway tracks.

Is the rail corridor open?

The Rail Corridor (Central) is now officially re-opened! Since July 2019, the stretch between the Upper Bukit Timah truss bridge and Bukit Timah truss bridge was closed for trail enhancement works. The truss bridges also underwent refurbishment to improve its durability, safety, and acccessibility.

How do you get to Rainbow bridge Kranji?

1) Rainbow Bridge Near Kranji You can start your journey here before hiking along a trail towards the entrance of the Rail Corridor. How to get there: From the bus stop opposite Kranji MRT (NSL) station, take bus 170 and alight at Kranji Lodge 1 (2 stops). You can also walk 1.3km down Woodlands Road towards the bridge.

Is the Green Corridor open to public?

Where do I park for the Rail Corridor?

Recommended Weekend Parking at Rail Corridor You can park at the King Albert Park Mall. Another option is also to start at the Rail mall. After a long walk, you can sit down at one of the cafes or restaurants at these malls for some snacks and food.

Where does the Rail Corridor start and end?

The Rail Corridor starts near the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Outram and finishes in the north of Singapore near Kranji MRT station.

Where does Green Corridor start?

How do I hike to Rainbow Bridge?

The unmaintained, 16-mile trail dips across three canyons to Yabut Pass, then steeply descends into Cliff Canyon and squeezes through narrow Redbud Pass to Rainbow Bridge Canyon. Plan on two or three days to make the 32-mile round-trip hike, which includes about 8,400 feet of elevation gain, more than the North Trail.

How do you hike the Green Corridor?

Head south along the Green Corridor from the old Bukit Timah Railway Station and walk about 10 minutes before an open valley emerges. There, you’ll have your entrance to the forest. The best time to head is said to be at dawn, when a dreamy fog blankets the forest.