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How many kids do Kimora Simmons have by Russell Simmons?

How many kids do Kimora Simmons have by Russell Simmons?

Personal life. Kimora Lee Perkins married Russell Simmons in December 1998. They have two daughters, Ming Lee Simmons (born January 2000) and Aoki Lee Simmons (born August 2003).

Does Russell Simmons have any kids?

Ming Lee Simmons
Aoki Lee Simmons
Russell Simmons/Children

Who is Rev Run’s Babymama?

Simmons married Valerie Vaughn in 1983. They have three children: Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, and Joseph “JoJo” Ward Simmons, Jr. He married Justine Jones on June 25, 1994. With her, he had three more children: Daniel “Diggy” Simmons III, Russell “Russy” Simmons II, and Victoria Anne Simmons.

How many baby daddies does Kimora Simmons have?

Simmons is already mom to daughters Ming, 15, and Aoki, 12, with Russell Simmons, as well as 5½-year-old son Kenzo with Djimon Hounsou, while Leissner is dad to two daughters, ages 9 and 12, from a previous relationship.

Is Russell Simmons a billionaire?

Dre ($800 Million); and Russell Simmons ($340 Million). Master P is the fifth-richest rapper in the world, with a $250 million fortune….World’s Richest Rappers, 2021.

Rank 4
Name Russell Simmons
Net worth $340 Million
Country United States

Is Russell Simmons still rich?

Russell Simmons is an American record executive and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $340 million. Simmons is best known for his involvement in the music industry. He co-founded the legendary record label Def Jam Records and served as the CEO for Rush Communications, Inc.

Who is tanice Simmons?

4. Tanice Amira is the daughter of hip hop royalty, too. According to, Tanice Amira’s pedigree is just like JoJo Simmons’, in that she’s hip hop royalty, too.

Did Justine Simmons have a baby?

More than a decade ago, Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and his wife Justine welcomed a baby daughter, only to lose her a couple of hours later.

What is Russell Simmons worth?

Simmons’ net worth was estimated at $340 million in 2011….

Russell Simmons
Born Russell Wendell Simmons October 4, 1957 New York City, U.S.
Occupation Entrepreneur, writer, record executive
Years active 1984–present