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How many Great Fairy Fountains are there in Ocarina of Time?

How many Great Fairy Fountains are there in Ocarina of Time?

six Great Fairy’s Fountains
There are a total of six Great Fairy’s Fountains located all over Kingdom of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time. All of the Great Fairies within grant Link special power-ups such as Defensive Power or spells like Din’s Fire, among other abilities.

How do you activate the fairy fountains in Ocarina of Time?

Use the Megaton Hammer to break the two rocks to your right to reveal the passage to the Great Fairy Fountain. Enter, stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda’s Lullaby. The Great Fairy will double the length of your Magic Meter.

What do fairy fountains do in Ocarina of Time?

In each one of the Great Fairy Fountains, the Great Fairy will give you helpful power-ups and magic spells that increase both your offensive attack and your defense. Pink Fairy Fountains, however, just have a bunch of Pink Fairies you can catch in a bottle or use to heal yourself on the spot.

What happens when you find all 4 fairy fountains?

This also means you can upgrade your armor from different fairies for the same effect. Upon unlocking each successive Great Fairy, all Great Fairies will become more powerful. In other words, all Fairies strengthen each other upon being released. It does not matter which order you unlock them in.

Where are all the Great Fairies in OOT?

Ocarina of Time

Name Location Reward
Great Fairy of Magic Hyrule Castle Zora’s Fountain Desert Colossus Din’s Fire Farore’s Wind Nayru’s Love
Great Fairy of Power Death Mountain Trail Magic Spin Attack
Great Fairy of Wisdom Death Mountain Crater Larger Magic Meter
Great Fairy of Courage Path to Ganon’s Castle Defensive Power

Should I give 100 rupees to the fairy?

They want money and that’s it. So to answer the question, yes, you should give a Rupees to the great fairy in Kakariko village, in fact, it will be well worth it in the long run as it will grant you spoke armor upgrades. It’s not a trick, so be sure to give her your hard earned money for your time.

How many magic beans do you need in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, Magic Beans can be purchased from the Bean Seller sitting near the Zora’s River. The price of the beans starts at 10 Rupees and increases by 10 each time Link buys one….Soft Soil Locations.

Location Destination
Gerudo Valley bottom Behind the waterfall with a Piece of Heart

Is the horse God a Great Fairy?

While not technically a Great Fairy, Malanya is located in a fountain that very much resembles one belonging to a Great Fairy. Once you give him 1,000 Rupees, you’ll quickly discover that Malanya is decidedly not a Great Fairy at all, but is in fact the Horse God.

What does the horse God do Botw?

The Horse God can revive dead horses for you.

What is Link’s fairy name?

Navi is a fictional fairy who acts as series protagonist Link’s navigator throughout the 1998 Nintendo 64 video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She was voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi.

Should I give the horse God 1000 rupees?

When you arrive at the end of the road, you’ll see what appears to be a standard fairy fountain. It’s not. It’s actually the home of horse god Malanya. Pay her 1,000 rupees, and she’ll unlock any dead horses free of charge (after you pay her the one-time fee, obviously).

How many Fairy Fountains are there in Ocarina of time?

In Ocarina of Time, Link can find a total of 13 Fairy Fountains. Six of which are Great Fairy Fountains. Only the first two Great Fairy Fountains are required to complete the quest, while the remainder of the fountains will allow Link to acquire some upgrades and new abilities.

Is there a Zelda Ocarina of time?

Journey through the land of Hyrule in this classic installment in the Zelda universe, Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. As the saying goes, a hero is nothing without their villain.

How do you get the Fairy Fountain in Zora’s fountain?

To obtain this extremely useful item, head to Zora’s Fountain as either Child or Adult Link and enter the area where Lord Jabu Jabu resides. Behind a bombable wall in the southeast section of the area, a Great Fairy Fountain can be found.

Where can I find fairy fountain in Hyrule?

Blast it open and round the corner to find the Fairy Fountain. Found at the far northwest corner of Hyrule Field. Make your way and cross the small stream of water in this location and you’ll find an enemy Peahat. Nearby there is a lone boulder that can be blown up with some bombs.