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How many F-16 have been produced?

How many F-16 have been produced?

Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Over 4,600 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976….General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

F-16 Fighting Falcon
Produced 1973–2017, 2019–present
Number built 4,604 (June 2018)
Variants General Dynamics X-62 VISTA

How many F-16s does the US have?

1,245 F-16s
The USAF operates 1,245 F-16s with 701 with active forces, 490 with Air National Guard and 54 with Reserve.

Is the F-16 still in production?

The F-16 still remains a popular fighter aircraft choice for foreign militaries, with sales on the books for Bahrain, Slovakia, Morocco, Bulgaria and Taiwan.

How many F-16 does each country have?

Military > Air force > F-16 fighers: Countries Compared

1 Greece 157
2 Netherlands 74
3 Belgium 54
4 Poland 48

How many F-16 are there in the world?

The Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is one of the world’s most prolific fighter aircraft. Lockheed Martin delivered about 4,600 F-16s to over 25 countries. More than 3,000 F-16 fighters are currently operational worldwide.

How long does it take to make a F-16?

‘How long it takes to build’ is different than rate of production. From start to finish I believe its around 6-9 months. From loading of parts in tools to finished product ready for flight testing and delivery to customer.

How many f16 does Israel have?

Among these are the A-4 Skyhawk, F-4 Phantom II, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-35 Lightning II. The Israeli Air Force has also operated a number of domestically produced types such as the IAI Nesher, and later, the more advanced IAI Kfir….Israeli Air Force.

Israeli Air and Space Arm
Attack Boeing F-15I Ra’am, AH-64D Saraf

How many f16 does Greece have?


Aircraft and Helicopters Origin Total Numbers
Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon United States Greece 154
Dassault Mirage 2000 France 40
Dassault Rafale France 24
McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II United States Germany Greece 33

How many f16 does Turkey have?

Current inventory

Aircraft Origin In service
Combat Aircraft
F-16 Fighting Falcon United States 245
Boeing 737 AEW&C United States 4

How many jets does Russia have?

Largest Air Forces in the World 2022

Country Total Aircraft Navy
Russia 4,173 310
China 3,285 437
India 2,186 239
South Korea 1,595 69