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How many Erasmus Mundus programs can I apply to?

How many Erasmus Mundus programs can I apply to?

Please note: for given academic year student candidates can apply for maximum three different joint programmes supported by the Erasmus Mundus scholarships (see the EMJMD catalogue). A full and timely application is required for any application to be considered. Check the menu on the left for required documents.

What are the chances of getting Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

We expect to offer 23 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the 2022-24 programme, hence, around 25% will be offered admission as scholarship students, while 75% will be offered admission as self-funded students. Only applicants being superior in all categories can expect to be offered admission as scholarship students.

What are the requirements for Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

To be eligible for the programme you must have the following:

  • A first degree equivalent to 180 credits or 180 ECTS from an internationally recognized university or college.
  • A minimum of two year’s practitioner experience in the field of human rights.

What GPA is required for Erasmus?

The Minimum Requirements for Application to the Erasmus Programs are: A minimum GPA of 2.50/4.00 for undergraduates, and a 3.00/4.00 for graduate students.

Does Erasmus have age limit?

5. Erasmus Has No Age Limit. What makes the Erasmus+ programme even more special is that it offers opportunities to everyone, regardless of their age. This means that not only young people but also their parents can benefit from the programme.

What are the disadvantages of Erasmus?

The Downsides of Erasmus – Getting ready

  • Homesickness. Even before you leave your country, you know that you are going to miss your loved ones.
  • Cultural Shock.
  • Disappointments.
  • Financial problems.
  • Incompatible study programs.
  • When things get tough, you might start feeling down.

Which countries can apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

Programme country scholarships are offered to: Students whose nationality is one of the Erasmus+ Programme Countries (EU Countries). Students from countries that are not part of the European Union or the EFTA/EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, North Macedonia).

Can I apply for Erasmus without IELTS?

No, if your university is English speaking (not only some programs but the entire university) you don’t need to take the TOEFL test, just send in an official certificate from your university stating that the official language is English.

Is there an age limit for Erasmus?

Is Canada part of Erasmus?

The 33 programme countries comprise the 28 EU Member States plus five other European countries. Partner countries are located all over the world and include Canada and the United States.

Can everyone Erasmus?

Eligibility for Erasmus dictates that you must be in higher education, studying an official degree or diploma and have successfully completed your initial first year. And then, the biggest benefit of Erasmus is that you are not required to pay extra tuition fees or payments to the university you end up attending.