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How many endings does Silent Hill: Downpour have?

How many endings does Silent Hill: Downpour have?

six possible endings
There are six possible endings to achieve in Silent Hill: Downpour depending on certain actions.

Where is the ticket machine in Silent Hill: Downpour?

There’s a hammer in here if you want it. In the back of the building, you’ll find a machine to insert your game tokens into. All you have to do is get the red ball into the red circle at the top and then the two green balls into their respective circles. Voila, there’s your Free Ticket to use the sky tram!

Who is the Wheelman in Silent Hill: Downpour?

The Wheelman is the penultimate boss of Silent Hill: Downpour. This monster appears throughout the game in a much lesser form, cloaked in hospital garb, while taunting Murphy Pendleton. It is first seen by Murphy in the window of an abandoned house near Devil’s Pitstop. His non-boss form also appears in Anne’s Story.

Which is the best Silent Hill?

EVERY Silent Hill Game Ranked, According to Critics

  1. Silent Hill 2 – 89/100.
  2. Silent Hill – 86/100.
  3. Silent Hill 3 – 85/100.
  4. Silent Hill: Origins – 78/100.
  5. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – 77/100.
  6. Silent Hill 4: The Room – 76/100.
  7. Silent Hill: Homecoming – 71/100.
  8. Silent Hill HD Collection – 70/100.

What did Murphy Pendleton do?

Murphy has been incarcerated for several years at Ryall State Prison after stealing a police cruiser. Seeking revenge for unspecified reasons he strikes a deal with George Sewell, a corrupted corrections officer, at Ryall.

What is the hardest Silent Hill game?

The Silent Hill franchise is infamous for its mind-boggling puzzles, and these, in particular, are the hardest of them all….10 Hardest Puzzles In The Silent Hill Franchise, Ranked

  1. 1 Shakespeare Anthology Puzzle (Silent Hill 3, Hard)
  2. 2 The Piano Puzzle (Silent Hill)
  3. 3 Zodiac Puzzle (Silent Hill)

Was Alex Shepherd a soldier?

Alex was never really a soldier in the army as believed. For about four years, he has been in a mental institution instead of a hospital for war injuries.

How Old Is Cheryl Mason?

Cheryl Mason
First apparition Silent Hill
Last appearance Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Sex Female
Age 7 (Silent Hill)

How creepy is Silent Hill?

The Silent Hill games frequently embrace psychological horror over the constant jump scares of the Resident Evil series, which can result in deeply disturbing sequences. It’s been a decade since the last official Silent Hill game, but the franchise still contains some genuinely unnerving scares.

Who is the God of Silent Hill?

There is a document in Silent Hill: Origins referring to the Order’s god as Samael. The Order is never explicitly seen calling the god that (apart from Dahlia vaguely referencing the Mark of Samael, or Seal of Metatron as it truly is), but it’s speculated that this document in Origins was written by an outsider.

Which is the scariest Silent Hill?

Let’s delve into the darkness of Silent Hill and take a look at the scariest Silent Hill monsters of all time.

  • Grey Children – Silent Hill.
  • Valtiel – Silent Hill 3.
  • Twin Victim – Silent Hill 4: The Room.
  • Momma – Silent Hill: Origins.
  • Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2.
  • Lisa – Silent Hills Playable Teaser.

What are the reviews for Silent Hill Downpour?

Silent Hill: Downpour received mixed reviews from gaming critics, who praised its atmosphere, story and return to the series’ survival horror and exploration roots after the action-heavy linearity of Silent Hill Homecoming, but criticised its monster design, combat and technical performance.

How do I get back to Silent Hill?

Follow the path through the sewers and through the dark cloud (which like the subway just symbolize that you traveled a long distance) and you’ll find yourself back out in Silent Hill.

What is the name of the patient in Silent Hill psychatric?

Amy —————————————————————————- ‘Silent Hill Psychatric’ Silent Hill Psychiatric Health Center Patient Name: Malone, D.A. Patient DOB: 03/04/76 The patient is a young caucasian woman, age 20, of good physical health with no abnormalities in her medical or mental health history.

How do I get to the hillside district in Silent Hill?

Grab a Hatchetby the fence and hack through the boards blocking the way into the cabin on the parking lot. Enter the cabin and duck under the hole in the wall. You’re now in the Hillside district of Silent Hill.