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How many endings does Planescape Torment have?

How many endings does Planescape Torment have?

Planescape: Torment, a game that I otherwise love, had about eight different conclusions, each based on a particular choice the player could make at the very end of the game.

Can you be evil in Planescape Torment?

Being evil in Planescape: Torment is just an endless depressing march of sociopathic cruelty. It has been said that the only way to be evil in this game without being so beaten down as to quit is either to skip through all the dialogue and not look at the horrible things you are doing, or to genuinely be a psychopath.

What happens to The Nameless One?

Ravel’s immortality ritual succeeded, though, rather than granting him eternal life, Ravel simply stripped away his mortality (likely in addition to other enchantments that regenerate his body). To test her ritual, Ravel immediately killed The Nameless One, and, when he recovered, he had lost all of his memories.

Is Planescape Torment linear?

It’s a more linear experience, and while there are open areas, it’s generally more straightforward than other Black Isle games. While the story is pretty fantasy standard, it’s serviceable.

What is the best ending for Planescape Torment?

The “best” ending is achieved through merging with the Transcendent One, which allows you to resurrect and speak to all of your companions before you’re pulled off to the blood war.

How do you meet the Silent King?

There are a few ways to access the Silent King’s throne room:

  1. Pickpocket the key to the Dead Nations from Hargrimm the Bleak (turns the Dead Nations hostile when the key is used)
  2. Kill Hargrimm and take the key (turns the Dead Nations hostile)

Why is The Nameless One immortal?

In the game, he suffers from a curse of immortality that has spanned thousands of years. Every time he dies, another person in the multiverse dies to fuel his resurrection….

The Nameless One
Gender Male

What is the nameless ones name?

The Nameless One’s real name is Gith. Lemme get the first big problem out of the way. When the Nameless One learns his name, he muses that it’s “a simple thing, not at all what he expected,” and remarks to the Good Incarnation “That was my name all along?

How do I get blades of the immortal Planescape?

Acquisition. The Blade of the Immortal can be acquired from Coaxmetal, who offers to forge a blade that can kill even The Nameless One.

Why is he called the Silent King?

The head of the Triarch was known as the “Silent King,” for he addressed his subjects only through the other two phaerons who ruled alongside him.

How much health does the Nameless King have?

Nameless King & King of the Storm Stats

Playthrough NG NG +7
King of the Storm Health 4,577 6,415
Nameless King Health 7,100 9,951

What was the Nameless Ones crime?

The Nameless One’s original crime was the instigation of the Blood War. A crime so massive and downright evil that the planes seem to be slowly dying of it? The Blood War fits the bill well enough.