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How many days is enough at Great Wolf Lodge?

How many days is enough at Great Wolf Lodge?

One Night Is Enough Unless you’re a die-hard waterpark junkie, or you want to do every single one of the activities the resort has to offer, we’ve found that a one night stay is more than enough time at the resort. Guests have access to the water park on the day of check-in starting at 1 pm.

What is the best age for Great Wolf Lodge?

While the best ages to enjoy the lodge is 7 – 13, that doesn’t mean older kids can’t have fun too! There are still plenty of attractions and activities to keep kids of all ages entertained with parents following behind letting their children lead the way.

Do I need flip flops at Great Wolf Lodge?

No flip-flops or open heel shoes are permitted.

How much is the refillable cup at Great Wolf Lodge?

The cup offers FREE refills of Coca-Cola and ICEE products (where available) during your stay. It cost $12.99 and to make it better, can be used for future visits for a discounted refill price.

How much are wands at Great Wolf Lodge?

Wand prices range from $15.99 to $23.99, depending on the style. Topper prices range from $15.99 to $19.99, depending on the style. To find more, please read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

What age is MagiQuest for?

What age range is MagiQuest best suited for? MagiQuest is enjoyed by both adults and children. Children under 6 will enjoy casting the wand throughout the kingdom, but may need help reading the clues and finding the treasures.

What should we pack for Great Wolf Lodge?

We even include a FREE printable packing list for Great Wolf Lodge!

  • Short on Time? Pin It For Later!
  • Bathing Suits. Swimsuits should be a no-brainer!
  • Water Shoes/ Flip Flops/ Sandals.
  • Cover-Ups.
  • Extra Towels.
  • Waterproof Phone and Money Holder.
  • Floatation Vest/ Puddle Jumper.
  • Sneakers.

Which Great Wolf Lodge is the smallest?

Smallest Great Wolf – Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky

  • United States.
  • Ohio (OH)
  • Sandusky.
  • Sandusky Hotels.
  • Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky.

Is there a Great Wolf Lodge in Washington State?

The company’s first foray into the Pacific Northwest came in 2008, with the opening of Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound, which is strategically located between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Great Wolf Resorts opened Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine just outside the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in 2007.

Where is the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado?

The Rocky Mountains welcomed its first Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in late 2016. Located at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, just south of Denver, Colorado Springs is near Pikes Peak National Forest and the Garden of the Gods, making it a popular family vacation destination. Explore our Rocky Mountains Lodge

Does Great Wolf have a resort in California?

Great Wolf Resorts is expanding into The Golden State with a 500-room family resort on a 29-acre site in Manteca, CA. The lodge, opening in 2020, provides a convenient family getaway for residents of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fresno, Modesto, Stockton, and many other Northern California communities.

When was Great Wolf Lodge built?

Great Wolf Lodge Arizona opened in 2019 and is the company’s 18th resort in North America. Great Wolf Lodge Traverse City was built in 2003.