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How many add-on cards in HDFC Bank?

How many add-on cards in HDFC Bank?

You can apply for up to 3 cards using a single form. On the application form, you need to mention the primary HDFC card that you own, credit card number, customer ID, primary card holder’s name and mobile number.

How can I activate my HDFC add-on card?

How to Activate HDFC Credit Card through ATM

  1. Call phone banking and select the option to set credit card PIN.
  2. You will receive an OTP on registered mobile number.
  3. Now, insert the credit card in an HDFC Bank ATM.
  4. Select “Create new ATM PIN using OTP” option.
  5. Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Is add-on card chargeable?

Normally, Add-on cards come free of cost, however, depending on the bank, there might be some charges also. In some cases certain number of add-on cards are free and beyond that it is chargeable. All add-on cards are linked to the primary card.

How do I get an add-on card?

Add-on Credit Cards, are additional Credit Cards, that are issued against a primary Credit Card. They are a form of secondary or supplementary Credit Card. How do they work? If you are a primary cardholder, you can apply for add-on cards for your children, spouse, or even your parents.

Does add on card have same pin?

Will the PIN be different for the add-on card holders? Yes the add-on card will have a different PIN. If the add-on card holder has forgotten or lost their PIN, can the use the Primary card holder to complete the transaction? No, they need to enter only their PIN.

What is the benefit of add on credit card?

An add-on credit card or a supplementary credit card would let you share your credit card with your family members while keeping a track on their expenses. It eliminates the need of having multiple credit cards in a family thus reduces your overall credit card annual maintenance costs.

What is the benefit of add-on card?

Benefits of Add-on Credit Cards Enables minors, below the age of 18, to have a credit card. Add-on cardholders can enjoy the features offered by the credit card at no additional cost. Primary cardholders can set the credit limit on all the add-on cards thus can have full control over the cards.

Does add-on card increase cibil score?

Although add-on cards do not help in improving or building the secondary user’s credit score, they can be good for getting additional spending power and understanding credit.

What is the benefit of add-on credit card?

What is add-on Debit Card?

Add-on Debit Card is a secondary Debit Card at no additional cost, exclusively for our Salary Account customers. This facility is offered for the convenience of our salary customers. Add-on Debit Card will be issued on the basis of requests received from the customers. Upgrade Debit CARD. 1.

Does add-on card affect cibil score?

It is imperative to know that the usage and payment pattern of an add-on credit card given to spouse or children is captured in the principal card holder’s credit report and will affect his/her CIBIL TransUnion score directly.

Which salary account is eligible for add-on debit card?

The Axis Bank Prime Salary Account gives employees enhanced access to their funds. The benefits of Prime Salary Account include higher transaction limits, free Liberty Debit Card with daily shopping limit of Rs.

How to get an HDFC add-on credit card?

To get an HDFC add-on credit card, the applicant has to fulfill the following conditions: Applicant has to be more than 18 years of age. Applicant has to be related to the primary cardholder. Primary cardholders should permit the issuance of the requested HDFC add-on credit card.

What is the eligibility criteria for HDFC add on credit card?

HDFC add- on credit card is issued to those who fulfil the eligibility criteria as follows: Age of the add-on card user should be more than 18 years. User should be a relative of primary cardholder. HDFC add on credit is issued on being permitted by primary card holder.

Can I give my HDFC credit card to my brother?

You can then give this card to your spouse, parents, siblings (own brother/sister), son and/or daughter (over 18 years) and allow them to enjoy the many benefits of a HDFC Bank Credit Card. An Add-On Card holder enjoys all the benefits of the primary card holder.

How do I apply for an add-on card?

The person applying for an add-on card should also meet the eligibility requirements of the bank they are applying to After filling the form and attaching requisite documents, one can submit the same at the nearest branch of the bank Most of the features of add-on cards are shared with the primary card.