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How many #1 hits did KISS?

How many #1 hits did KISS?

Although Kiss has cultivated an extremely loyal fan base over the past forty-plus years, they never earned a number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. In fact, they’ve never hit the top five. Shockingly, they’ve only hit the top 10 twice. The first time they hit the top 10 was in the late 1970s.

What was KISS biggest hit song?

“Beth” is Kiss’s biggest commercial hit in the United States; it reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, received a Gold Record certification from the RIAA, and won the 1977 People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Song”. In 2003, “Beth” ranked #3 in VH1’s 25 Greatest Power Ballads.

What was KISS’s first hit?

Nothin’ To Lose
“Nothin’ To Lose” became the band’s first single; it was written by Simmons. Verses were performed by Simmons and Stanley, with Peter Criss providing scat vocals for the chorus.

What is KISS most successful album?

The Destroyer album also became the band’s biggest selling Kiss album of their career.

When did kiss peak?

November 21, 1975 – KISS’s popularity grows by leaps and bounds. The KISS ARMY, the band’s newly inaugurated fan club quickly grows to six figures. December 31, 1975 – KISS is presented with their first Gold Record awards for KISS Alive!

What songs is Kiss known for?

Top 10 KISS Songs

  • “Beth”
  • “Goin’ Blind”
  • “Strutter”
  • “God Of Thunder”
  • “Deuce”
  • “Love Gun”
  • “Cold Gin”
  • “Black Diamond”

Who sold the most Kiss solo albums?

Ace Frehley
In the late-70s golden era of KISS, the band all decided that each member should release a self-titled solo debut album on the same day. Out of all four solo albums released on September 18th, 1978, the Ace Frehley record was the biggest commercial and critical success.

What awards has KISS won?

People’s Choice Award for Favorite New SongKiss / Awards

Where does KISS rank all time?

Kiss was ranked by MTV as the ninth “Greatest Metal Band of All Time”, and placed tenth on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” list, as well as being ranked as the third “Best Metal and Hard Rock Live Band of All Time” by Loudwire magazine.

Which KISS albums went platinum?

The next three albums, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, and Love Gun were successful, achieving Platinum status and spawning Top-20 singles (including the number 7 ballad “Beth”, the band’s highest-charting single in the US).

What is Kiss’s highest charting single?

Sung by their original drummer, Peter Criss, KISS’ signature ballad, “Beth,” is still the band’s highest-charting US single (it peaked at No.7) and it’s one of only two KISS singles (the other being the disco-flavored “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”) to yield a gold disc in the US.

What are Your Top 10 Kiss songs of all time?

# 1, R&R all night 2, Domino 3, Shout it out loud 4, Creatures of the night 5, Love Gun 6, Crazy nights 7, Shock me 8, Black Diamond 9, Calling Dr. Love 10. But this is the ultimate song for the hard core KISS Fan. May the Demon be with you…

Do you think kiss should have all their old hits played evenly?

Groups like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Motley Crue and D Leppard have all of their old hits played evenly on a regular basis. There are at least 20 KISS songs that should get that kind of attention but don’t. I don’t think there is any debate when it comes to the most popular, head banging worthy, feel good, adrenaline pumping rock roll anthem EVER!

Is “Love Gun” one of Kiss’s five essential signature songs?

Undeniably a great rock song, it seems hard to quibble with Stanley’s assertion that “Love Gun” is “quintessential KISS and one of the five essential signature songs” the band recorded.