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How long is Moraine Lake Hike?

How long is Moraine Lake Hike?

Lakeshore Trail Distance: 2.9 kilometers (1.8 miles) return Difficulty: Easy Time: 40-60 minutes round trip Elevation Gain: 0 meters (0 feet) Starting near the canoe dock, trail weaves through the forested shore of the lake. It is a flat, easy walk that allows for beautiful views of the famous alpine lake.

How hard is Moraine Lake Hike?

Welcome, ! Check out this 3.2-mile out-and-back trail near Lake Louise, Alberta. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 51 min to complete.

Can you walk around Moraine Lake?

The Moraine Lake Shoreline Trail is a pretty (and super easy) path along the edge of this bright blue lake. There were other people wandering along this walk, but faaaar fewer than the number of people that just stop by to take a selfie from the first viewpoint!

Is it hard to get to Moraine Lake?

You can drive to Moraine Lake, but it comes with its own set of hassles as there is limited parking, and Moraine Lake is the most popular thing to see in all of Alberta. To get to Moraine Lake, you’ll need to drive on a 14 km paved road.

Where do you park for Moraine Lake?

There is a parking area at Moraine Lake Lakeshore, at the end of a 14 km road. There is space for about 150 vehicles and a few spaces for RVs. You may not park along Moraine Lake Rd at any time.

How early can you get to Moraine Lake?

Get an early start: If you visit between 6am and 7am, you should be able to get up to the Moraine Lake Parking lot before the road closes.

Why is Moraine Lake closed?

The road to Moraine Lake is closed during the winter due to heavy snowfall and high avalanche risk. Depending on the conditions, the road opens sometime between the third week of May and the first week of June and closes in October after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (the second Monday in October).

What time should I get to Moraine Lake?

This obviously varies week by week but 6-7am should be a safe bet. Note, the parking lot may be full well before 6am, meaning you may miss sunrise even if you get there before 7am. If you visit during mid-summer, sunrise is much earlier than 7am anyway, so if you’re a photographer that’s probably not an issue.

Is Moraine Lake closed 2021?

Lake Louise Village and the Lake Louise Lakeshore are open year-round. The 13 km road to Moraine Lake opens on June 1 and closes the Tuesday after Canadian Thanksgiving in mid-October. Exact dates may vary depending on snow conditions.

What time does Moraine Lake parking lot fill up?

between 5-6am
The parking lot at Moraine Lake often fills up before sunrise between June to the end of September. This means between 5-6am in the summer. Once the parking lot is full, the road closes the road to vehicles, so if you don’t get a spot, you’ll have to make alternative plans.

Do you need to pay for parking at Moraine Lake?

Free Parking is available at Moraine Lakeshore. If the lots are full, you will not be allowed in and you should have a back-up plan available. The 13 km road to Moraine Lake opens (subject to weather conditions) the Tuesday after Victoria Day in mid-May and closes the Tuesday after Canadian Thanksgiving in mid-October.

What time does Moraine Lake parking fill up?