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How long does Xen Tan last?

How long does Xen Tan last?

All of Xen-Tan’s self-tanning products contain the best, nourishing ingredients as well as the perfect amount of DHA and NaturaTan+ to achieve those gorgeous, dark results. This makes the formula ideal for achieving a long-lasting tan, and when your tan is well looked after it can last up to 10 days!

Is Xen Tan Good?

Overall Opinion: Xen Tan Dark, Deep Bronze Luxe is a pretty good self tanner in our opinion. It has a pleasant smell, isn’t too difficult to apply and produces a nice, medium color that will work well for most people. The light tint can be a bit messy during application, so be mindful of that.

How long does Tan-luxe take to tan?

four to six hours
-Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after application. -Allow four to six hours for tan to develop. -Applying three consecutive days in a row to create desired colour, then alternative days to maintain.

How long does Tan-luxe take to show up?

Your glow will develop within 2- 4 hours. Both products are easy to apply and also perfect for beginners.

Does Xen-Tan go out of date?

Do the products have an expiration date? If left unopened, our self-tan products will last a year. Once opened, they should be used within 6 months.

Who owns Xen-Tan?

Dera Enochson –
Dera Enochson – CEO/ Founder – Xen-Tan | LinkedIn.

Does Tan-Luxe stain sheets?

Like Elrick said, there was no staining or smudging, which was reassuring as we climbed into our white sheets that night. Within four hours we were definitely tan, noticeably darker than when we used the drops.

How many drops of Tan-Luxe should I use?

Suggested Usage: -Mix two to six drops per body part with your usual body moisturizer and apply to the skin in a circular motion from head to toe. -Additional drops will increase depth of colour. -Thoroughly wash hands after use.

Why is my fake tan green?

If you don’t store your fake tan properly it can oxidise. Oxidation is the inclusion of oxygen into the product, and it’s this which will turn your fake tan green as it breaks down the DHA. To avoid this you should store your product in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Why is my self-tanner green?

“Fake tan reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of your skin to turn you a temporary bronzed color. If the tan is exposed to oxygen or too much heat, the guide color can turn green.”

What is face tan?

Face tan can also occur due to chemical products which can provide a tanning effect without sun exposure. This is known as sunless tanning. Some people may be more prone to tanning due to ageing. The melanin pigment of the skin is damaged during the tanning process.