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How long does Project for Awesome last?

How long does Project for Awesome last?

48 hours
The event lasts for 48 hours. From 2007 to 2019, the P4A took place in December, but in 2020 it was announced that the event would be moved to February moving forward.

How much did Project for Awesome raise in 2021?

$2.3 million
Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nerdfighters came together to support the P4A in record numbers. The 2021 Project for Awesome raised over $2.3 million, the highest amount of any previous year in the project’s history.

When was the first Project for Awesome?

The very first Project for Awesome was organized in 2007, and in 2022 we will be celebrating the 15th annual Project for Awesome! The 2022 P4A will take place from February 25th (beginning at 12:00pm EST) to February 27th (ending at 11:59am EST).

How many Vlogbrothers videos are there?

1000 videos
As of today, the Vlogbrothers have uploaded over 1000 videos to their main channel alone and they show no signs of stopping and let’s hope they never do….Statistics.

View count: 154,284
Dislikes: 10
Comments: 163
Duration: 03:03
Uploaded: 2013-02-26

Is Project for Awesome tax deductible?

Yes! Your donations are tax-deductible, less the fair market value of any perks you received.

How many VlogBrothers videos are there?

How much does John Green donate?

$6.5 million
John Green announced in a video on Oct. 22 that his and Hank Green’s families are donating $6.5 million over five years to reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone.

What is Nerd fighting?

Nerdfighteria is a mainly online-based community subculture that originated on YouTube in 2007, when the VlogBrothers (John and Hank Green) rose to prominence in the YouTube community. As their popularity grew, so did coverage on Nerdfighteria, whose followers are individually known as Nerdfighters.

How old is John Green?

44 years (August 24, 1977)John Green / Age

How old is vlogbrothers?

John Green (born: August 24, 1977 (1977-08-24) [age 44]) and Hank Green (born: May 5, 1980 (1980-05-05) [age 42]), better known online on YouTube as the vlogbrothers, are American YouTubers and vloggers.

How do I donate on Tiltify?

In your campaign’s dashboard, you can find links where you can copy your campaign URL for sharing, as well as a donate URL to put the donate button onto your Twitch page.

What is the healthcare system in Sierra Leone?

The Sierra Leone health care system is organised into two tiers of care: Peripheral Healthcare Units (PHUs) with an extended community health programme and secondary care which includes 21 district and three referral hospitals; there are also 45 private clinics and 27 private hospitals, mostly in the Freetown area.