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How long does it take to recover from distal radius surgery?

How long does it take to recover from distal radius surgery?

You will have to wear it for four weeks. You will start your physical therapy to regain wrist function and strength after your first clinic visit. Six weeks after your surgery, you may stop wearing the removable splint. You should continue the exercises prescribed by your surgeon and therapist.

What is ORIF Distal Radius?

A distal radius ORIF is a 30-90-minute outpatient surgery that is typically performed under either general anesthesia or regional “nerve block” anesthesia. After the patient is comfortable and asleep, the procedure is performed through the following steps: An incision is made on the palm side of the forearm and wrist.

What is the difference between Uniplane and multiplane fixation?

Uniplane fixators use thicker, more solid pins for fixation than multiplane fixators, Mallon says. Ring fixator pins are much narrower, and the surgeon places them under tension, he says.

What is external fixation of distal radius fractures?

Nonbridging external fixation is a technique used to treat unstable distal radius fractures. In theory, this method allows for more direct control of the distal fracture fragments, more stable fixation, and earlier improved ROM of the wrist.

How painful is wrist surgery?

You will generally have no pain, and the numbing medication usually lasts about 8 or more hours, so you will leave the surgery center with no pain.

How painful is a distal radius fracture?

Immediate sharp pain after the accident takes place. Sometimes the fracture may be accompanied by the sound or the sensation of a bone breaking. You may experience abnormal swelling and tenderness in the wrist immediately that only worsens. A numbness that doesn’t allow you to move your fingers or hand.

Is wrist surgery serious?

Risks of this wrist surgery can include but are not limited to: Infection. Damage to nerves, tendons or cartilage. Stiffness or loss of joint motion.

What is Uniplane fixation?

Uniplanar (uniplane) or monolateral (unilateral) external fixators are devices applied to one side of the lower extremity commonly affixed with half-pins.

What is Uniplane fixation device?

What is a uniplane fixation device? a device that has 2 or more pins inserted above a fracture and 2 or more below a fracture on ONLY one surface & is usually used to stabilize a fracture.

What is Jess fixator?

JESS fixator is cheap, easily available and less technically demanding, provides with an effective treatment for the metacarpal and phalanges fracture, as it provides adequate stability that allows early rehabilitation with soft tissue care and has got a good functional outcome.

How many hours does wrist surgery take?

This typically takes between 12-36 hours. You will not feel pain and you will receive medicine that will make you forget the majority of the surgical procedure. Combined General and Regional Anesthesia: For longer more extensive cases (more than 1 hour) general and regional anesthesia are often used together.

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