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How long does it take to beat Fossil Fighters: Champions?

How long does it take to beat Fossil Fighters: Champions?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 5 25h 43m
Main + Extras 5 29h 51m
Completionists 1 42h
All PlayStyles 11 29h 04m

Can you be a girl in Fossil Fighters?

Fossil Fighters: Champions (Super Kaseki Horider, or “Super Fossil Hunters” in Japan), 2010 JP/2011 US Nintendo DS: This game features improved, cel-shaded graphics (with FMV cutscenes), a female player character, a revamped movement system, new islands, new villains, and the ability to Super Revive certain Vivosaurs …

What does the red mask do in Fossil Fighters: Champions?

Masks in Fossil Fighters: Champions Wearing certain masks will activate their abilities. Here is a list of them: Red Mask: You only find Fire-type Fossils. Blue Mask: You only find Water-type Fossils.

Can you change your gender in fossil fighters?

He is mentioned in Fossil Fighters: Champions after defeating Dynal. The Prima Guide for Fossil Fighters suggests the player names the hero Buckland, after William Buckland. He is the only protagonist to not have an option to choose their gender.

How do you get IGNO in fossil fighters?

Igno: Beat Saurhead after you finish the game. Squik and his other elements: Get all vivosaurs to rank 12. The 3 Guh Robots: Use the time machine and defeat the 3 bots another time.

Where is Blambeau in fossil fighters?

After talking with the Police, Blambeau can be found at the end of Tunnel #2 where he remembers the Hero and attacks him for revenge.

Where is the Hare Club in Fossil Fighters: Champions?

Cranial City
The Hare Club is located in Cranial City in Fossil Fighters: Champions. Fossil rocks can be cleaned here for rewards; however, a special mask is needed to join the club. Mr. John Guano is found in The Hare Club building after the player is taught how to dig up Dark Fossil Rocks.

How big is Guhnash?

Guhnash is said to eat planets whole, which means that at the very minimum, its head is 8000–9000 miles in diameter and thus its minimum total length is around 18000 miles – conservatively estimated (though this may be exaggerated).

How do you get King Dynal in fossil fighters?

Dynal makes his return in Fossil Fighters: Champions in the sidequest Dynal’s Debut. He can be fought in the Stone Pyramid after obtaining the Dragon Note via Wi-Fi and defeating both Duna and Raptin.

Where do you find Tarbo in fossil fighters?

Game locations

Game Location
Fossil Fighters Greenhorn Plains (Rare) Coldfeet Glacier
Fossil Fighters: Champions Treasure Lake (Special) Petrified Woods