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How long did Sehun train?

How long did Sehun train?

Sehun’s tactics were similar to Chanyeol’s, as he was cast in elementary school, went through two years of auditions, and finally started training in his second year of junior high. He went through four final years of training before his debut. Sehun expressed, “When I was younger, I liked dancing.

Who is the last member to join EXO?

The last member of Exo-K to become a trainee was Baekhyun, who joined in 2011 through SM Entertainment’s casting system and trained for approximately one year before debut. Exo-M leader Kris auditioned in 2008 at a global SM Entertainment audition in Canada, later moving to South Korea for training.

How was Sehun discovered?

He was discovered while eating tteokbokki Sehun’s path to stardom began unexpectedly. Unlike most K-pop stars who submit to rigorous auditions for their shot at the spotlight, an SM Entertainment casting associate discovered Sehun while he was eating tteokbokki, or stir-fried rice cakes.

When did Sehun join SM?

Career. Oh was first scouted by an SM Entertainment casting agent at 12 years old while he was out having lunch with friends, he was eventually cast into SM Entertainment in 2008. He went through four auditions in two years.

Who trained the shortest in EXO?

EXO’s Chen – 4 months Chen joined SM’s Casting System in 2011 and trained for only 4 months before debuting with EXO. He wasn’t the only member to train for just 4 months though…

How old was Sehun when he debuted?

Born Oh Se-hun in Seoul’s Joongrang district in 1994, Shun is also the maknae of his family, with one older brother. Sehun was just 14 when Exo made their debut in April 2011.

Who is the leader of EXO 2021?

Meanwhile, EXO’s leader Suho, who is currently serving in the military, greeted the fans to mark their anniversary.

How was Sehun casted?

EXO’s Sehun Mistrusting of the stranger, Sehun did what any self-respecting mischievous-maknae-to-be would: he ran for it. Luckily, the casting agent was persistent, chasing after Sehun for an impressive 30 minutes before the two managed to come to an agreement that Sehun would audition for SM.

What is Sehun nickname?

White Skin

Is Sehun Dior ambassador?

Oh Sehun, The Best Dressed Man Living up to this title, last year, the EXO member was appointed Official Ambassador of Dior Men in Korea. Throughout 2021, the singer and actor has endorsed the French brand in different instances.

Has Sehun dated?

Sehun has been relatively quiet about his dating experiences. In 2016, a screenshot of an Instagram account had fans going crazy thinking that Sehun may have had a girlfriend.

How old is sehun?

28 years (April 12, 1994)Sehun / Age

When did Sehun make his debut with Exo?

He became an official trainee in 2008 and made his official debut with the group in 2012. Sehun is a part of the EXO subunit EXO-SC with fellow bandmate Chanyeol.

How old was Sehun when he auditioned for SM Entertainment?

Sehun was only 12 when he was spotted and approached by an SM Casting Manager while having lunch with his friends. Thinking it was a scam, Sehun ran away and was followed for about 30 minutes until he was convinced to join an audition.

Who is Exo-K member Sehun?

EXO was formed in 2012 with 12 members divided into two groups, EXO-K and EXO-M. Sehun belongs to the EXO-K group. In 2007, when Sehun was only 12, he was offered the opportunity to go on the road by a representative from SM Entertainment. In 2008, he was successfully cast into S.M. Entertainment after going through four auditions within two years.

What are the best things about Exo member BTS’s personality?

His favorite colors are white and black. His favorite music is Hip Hop. His favorite movies are action movies. His role model is BoA. After one day of training, singing became his passion. He cares and thinks deeply for each EXO member.