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How is laccase activity measured?

How is laccase activity measured?

For determination of laccase activities you mix your enzyme solution with an ABTS stock solution at a defined pH (use a buffer solution like e.g. McIlvaine phosphate citrate buffer). ABTS concentration of the mixture should be 0.2 mM. Then you measure absorbance over time at 420 nm.

What is the function of laccase?

Laccases are the versatile enzymes which catalyze oxidation reactions coupled to four-electron reduction of molecular oxygen to water. They are multicopper enzymes which are widely distributed in higher plants and fungi. They are capable of degrading lignin and are present abundantly in many white-rot fungi.

What is guaiacol assay?

Guaiacol assay method for laccase assay The reddish brown color developed due to oxidation of guaiacol by laccase is used to measure enzyme activity at 450 nm. The reaction mixture can be prepared as follows: (a) Guaiacol (2 mM) 1 ml.

How do you make laccase?

Laccases are secreted by white-rot fungi along with other ligninolytic enzymes including manganese peroxidase, lignin peroxidase, and versatile peroxidase, although the specific types of enzymes secreted may differ with the fungus (Wong, 2009; Arora and Sharma, 2010).

How is laccase used in textile industry?

Laccase enzymes formulation has been used in textile processing like different processes such as bio-bleaching, dyeing, rove scouring, dyeing, finishing, neps removal, printing, wash-off treatment, dye synthesis & effluent treatment.

What is bacterial laccase?

Abstract. Laccases (benzenediol: oxygen oxidoreductase, EC 1.10. 3.2) are multi-copper enzymes which catalyze the oxidation of a wide range of phenolic and non-phenolic aromatic compounds in the presence or absence of a mediator.

What does guaiacol mean?

guaiacol. / (ˈɡwaɪəˌkɒl) / noun. a yellowish oily creosote-like liquid extracted from guaiacum resin and hardwood tar, used medicinally as an expectorant.

Is syringaldazine a good reagent?

Syringaldazine is shown to be a reliable replacement and more specific reagent for the detection of extracellular fungal laccase, and in the absence of laccase and in the pres­ ence of hydrogen peroxide, for peroxidase. Laccase is further implicated in fruit-body formation.

What is the best method for laccase activity determination?

Another simple, fast and easy method for laccase activity determination among another polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and peroxidase activities is the sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) method, which employs 4-amino-diethylaniline (ADA) and 4-tert-butyl-catechol (TBC) as a substrate showing different colors with respect to enzyme activities.

What are the applications of laccase in biotechnology?

Bacterial laccase is also useful in applications such as pulp and paper biobleaching, decoloration and degradation of textile dyes/effluent and biosensor development (Mathews et al. 2016).

What is the role of laccase in the degradation of dye?

Role of laccase in degradation of dye The use of dyes has increased to the extent that approximately 10,000 various dyestuffs are used and generated yearly. The entire world generates approximately 7 × 105−1 x 108tons annually; out of this on an average one-tenth of the dyestuff penetrate the environment through industrial wastewater.