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How is APS calculated in Lesotho?

How is APS calculated in Lesotho?

The calculation of an APS score is based on a candidates’ achievement in six (6) recognized LGCSE subjects….General Information.

Achievement Marks (per cent)
A* (1) 90 – 100
A (2) 80 – 89
B (3) 70 – 79
C (4) 60 – 69

What rank is National University of Lesotho?

The University in ranked 121st in Africa and 6,045th in the world. There were 9,263 students at the university in 2018; 9,460 in 2017; 9,560 in 2016 and 9,239 in 2015. There were 2,017 graduates at the university in 2020; 2,120 graduates in 2019 and 2,266 graduates in 2018.

How many colleges are there in Lesotho?

Lesotho has two universities.

How old is nul?

NUL is established: 1 3 of 1975.

Is an APS of 35 good?

APS of 36+, with English at level 5 and Maths at level 4 (or Maths Literacy or Technical Maths at level 4). Those with APS of 31-35 may be wait-listed, depending on space availability, with preference being given to those with the highest English marks.

Is 39 a good APS score?

There really is no good APS score – unless you are talking about scores over 35.

What type of business is National University of Lesotho?

Founded in 1945, National University of Lesotho is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the small city of Maseru (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants).

When was National University of Lesotho established?

April 8, 1945National University of Lesotho / Founded

Which university is in Lesotho?

National University of LesothoRoma
Lerotholi Polytechnic
Lesotho/Colleges and Universities

Where can I study medicine in Lesotho?

LT: But where is this medical school located? Dr Manamolela: The Lesotho Medical School is currently operating at the NHTC (National Health Training Centre) in Maseru.

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