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How high should a post be for a bird feeder?

How high should a post be for a bird feeder?

Different types of birds are comfortable feeding at different heights but the ideal height for a standard bird feeder to be from the ground is about 5 feet. Additionally it should be about 10 feet from any trees, shrubs or structures.

How tall should a bird feeder pole be?

about five feet
Pole-mounted feeders should be about five feet off the ground and protected by a cone-shaped baffle (at least 17 inches diameter) or similar obstacle below the feeder. Locate pole-mounted feeders at least 10 feet from the nearest shrub, tree, or other tall structure.

Is there a pigeon proof bird feeder?

Invest in a pigeon-proof bird feeder. The Nuttery Predator-Proof Seed Feeder is caged to exclude pigeons, while our spring-loaded Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder automatically closes when its weight limit is exceeded.

What is the tallest bird feeder pole?

Bird feeder poles can be anywhere between 2 feet and 9 feet tall. Some may have a small 1/2 inch diameter, others may be as large as 3 inches.

Can a bird feeder be too high?

So, using sturdy baffles and positioning feeders slightly higher is a good way to keep most squirrels off a bird feeder. Convenience is another consideration for bird feeders. If a feeder is too high, a ladder or lift-and-lower system may be necessary to refill or clean the feeder.

How far away from a window should a bird feeder be?

3 feet
Perhaps counterintuitively, feeders are safest when they’re closest to windows—because if a bird takes off from the feeder and hits the window, it won’t be going at top speed and has a better chance of surviving—so it’s best to place feeders closer than 3 feet to a picture window (or even affixed to the glass or window …

How far from house should bird feeder be?

A distance of about 10 feet seems to be a good compromise, but try experimenting. You can provide resting and escape cover for ground-dwelling birds such as Song Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows by providing loosely stacked brush piles near your feeders.

What is the best deterrent for pigeons?

The most common pigeon repellents include,

  • Spikes.
  • Gels and Pastes.
  • Optical Gels.
  • Ultrasound Devices.
  • Plastic Owls.
  • Reflective Discs.
  • Fogs and Vapors.

Do pigeons like fat balls?

Fat balls are most appreciated by garden birds in the winter when fatty food sources are hard to come by. However, you should not put fat balls out in the summer months. Here they can rot in the heat, and make birds ill.

Can squirrels climb up a metal pole?

Anyone who has ever tried to outsmart a squirrel with a mechanical device knows how difficult this can be. Squirrels can climb polished steel poles. They can leap more than 8 feet. Their tails give them phenomenal balance, allowing them to effortlessly cross long lengths of thin wire.

Do birds like feeders low or high?

It’s not unusual to find birds at feeders that may be higher or lower than where they might naturally feed. Most bird feeders are positioned at 5-6 feet, and that suits many of the most popular backyard birds perfectly.

Where to buy pigeon feeders?

You can buy pigeon feeders from a variety of places depending on your needs. If you want to buy it in person, then you can go to your local pet store look for the pigeon feeders of your choice. Many online sites sell feeders as well. 2. Is stainless steel harmful to pigeons? No, if the bowl is made right, the feeder won’t harm the pigeons.

How do you use a crown automatic feeder for pigeons?

The Crown Automatic Drinker/Feeder combination is meant for poultry and larger pigeon breeds. If you want to use it for smaller pigeon breeds, just lay a 2 x 4 on each side, flat side down. The end where the float valve is, is the drinker section. It is… CROWN FEEDER W/ LEGS 24 IN.

What are the disadvantages of buying a pigeon feeder?

The case is very similar to the case of pigeon feeders and drinkers. There is a model which is made of wood which is not very smart to buy. The feeder will be outside all day, and in the rainy season, it will get wet. Sun rays will harm the wood as well. All this will reduce its’ durability. You will need to invest again and get another one.

Do pigeons drink from feeders or waterers?

There are pigeon feeders with which you can only feed your pigeons. Then there are waterers who allow pigeons only to drink from it. Finally, there are those models which let you do both. So you have to choose according to your needs. If you need to only feed them, then go for the feeder. For only providing water, go for waterers.