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How high can a snowspeeder fly?

How high can a snowspeeder fly?

The craft performed best when flying at low altitudes, but could climb to a height of 250 metres if necessary. Above all, the snowspeeders were swift and highly agile, with forward thrust provided by twin repulsorlift drives and high-powered afterburners.

What did Luke fly on Hoth?

T-47 airspeeder
Luke Skywalker piloted a T-47 airspeeder as a part of Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Hoth along with Dak Ralter who served as his gunner.

What are the fighters on Hoth called?

When stationed on Hoth, the Rebel Alliance modified T-47 airspeeders to become snowspeeders, fast flying conveyances for patrol and defense of their hidden base.

What is the snowspeeder in Star Wars?

The snowspeeder was a type of T-47 airspeeder manufactured by Incom Corporation and modified by the Rebel Alliance. They saw use during the Battle of Hoth against the Galactic Empire, taking down Imperial All Terrain Armored Transports with their tow cables.

Can speeders fly Star Wars?

Depiction. Within the Star Wars universe, speeder is a generic term for any “repulsorcraft” or vehicle which uses anti-gravity repulsorlift technology to hover and fly above a planet’s surface.

Who drives the Snowspeeder?

Wedge flew a snowspeeder at the Battle of Hoth under the call sign Rogue Three. Working with Janson, Wedge used his harpoon and tow cable to entangle the legs of one of the Empire’s AT-AT walkers, bringing the war machine crashing down on Hoth’s snowy plains.

Who was Rogue 2 on Hoth?

Zev Senesca
Zev was a rebel pilot assigned to Echo Base on the frozen planet Hoth. Flying a snowspeeder as Rogue Two, he located Han Solo and Luke Skywalker after the two went missing during a perilous blizzard.

Who drives the snowspeeder?

Why is Hoth so cold?

The Hardangerjøkulen glacier near Finse, Norway, served as the filming location for Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Scenes were filmed in subzero temperatures. For the ground battle scene, miniatures were used on a set that used microscopic glass bubbles and baking soda to mimic the snowy territory.

How big is the Snowspeeder?

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How much did Luke Skywalker sell his speeder for?

2,000 credits
After the group arrived at Mos Eisley and chartered Han Solo and Chewbacca to fly them to Alderaan on the Millennium Falcon, Luke sold his landspeeder for 2,000 credits to help cover their fare.

Is the Empire Strikes Back a Star Wars movie?

As part of Star Wars’s 20th anniversary celebration in 1997, The Empire Strikes Back was digitally remastered and re-released along with Star Wars and Return of the Jedi under the title Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition. Lucas took this opportunity to make several minor changes to the film.

Is’Empire Strikes Back’the best Star Wars movie?

Writing for Empire Magazine, Ian Nathan gave the film a five-star rating proclaiming “it’s generally agreed that The Empire Strikes Back is the best film of George Lucas’ initial trilogy (despite a latter-day shift toward the original’s storytelling purity).

How much did the Empire Strikes Back’s special effects cost?

Lucas’s firm, Industrial Light & Magic, developed The Empire Strikes Back ‘ s special effects at a cost of $8 million, including staffing and the construction of the company’s new facility in Marin County.

Is there a radio adaptation of the Empire Strikes Back?

Radio adaptation. A radio play adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back was written by Brian Daley, and was produced for and broadcast on the National Public Radio network in the U.S. during 1983. It was based on characters and situations created by George Lucas, and on the screenplay by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan.