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How fast was a Stutz Bearcat?

How fast was a Stutz Bearcat?

The Bearcat was capable of speeds up to 80 mph. Stutz wasn’t content to leave that alone though, and introduced a new four-cylinder for 1917. The updated engine featured four valves per cylinder and made 80 horsepower.

What is a 1914 Stutz Bearcat worth?

Chassis 2250 – Owned by a number of prominent collectors, this Bearcat is one of the few pre-1915 cars that remain. It has completed little miles since its comprehensive restoration and will be offered at the David Gooding Pebble Beach Auction on August 20th 2006 for $400 000 to $500 000 USD.

How much was a Stutz Bearcat in 1919?

By the end of 1919, price for a Bearcat had risen to $3,250 (equivalent to $50,796 in 2021, the same as the roadster and slightly less than the touring coupe).

What TV show had a Stutz Bearcat?

The show starred Rod Taylor and Dennis Cole as Hank Brackett and Johnny Reach, two soldiers of fortune who drive around the American southwest in 1914 in their Stutz Bearcat!

What year was the Stutz Bearcat made?

Summary. The Stutz Bearcat, introduced in 1912, was perhaps America’s first true sports car. Stutz individually tested each Bearcat at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and many were raced with great success.

What is a Stutz Bearcat?

When did Stutz go out of business?

Stutz Motor Company

Type Public company
Founded Indianapolis, Indiana, United States (1911)
Founder Harry Clayton Stutz Henry F. Campbell
Defunct 1939
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana , United States

What happened Stutz Bearcat?

Stutz dropped the model in 1924 only to bring it back in 1931, hoping the beloved name might improve sales during the Great Depression. But Stutz ended automobile production in 1935. The Stutz Bearcat, introduced in 1912, was perhaps America’s first true sports car.

Why did Roger leave Wayne Carini?

It wasn’t until fans started questioning what happened that Carini eventually revealed that Roger left for medical reasons, after sustaining an injury in the workshop.

What happened to the old guy mechanic on Chasing Classic Cars?

As his personal information was revealed and the rumors were squashed, it turned out that Barr suffered an injury while working at F40 Motorsports. He had to recover from a leg infection, and, unfortunately, that meant that he had to spend less time in the shop.

When was the last Stutz Bearcat made?