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How fast is a Convair 580?

How fast is a Convair 580?

Technical Specifications

First Flight: January 19, 1960
Landing Speed: 125 mph 110 kts
Stall Speed: 86 mph 75 kts
Service Ceiling: 25,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 2900 US gallons

What is the deadliest DC 8 Crash?

Nigeria Airways Flight 2120
Nationair Canada DC-8-61 C-GMXQ crashed on departure from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was operating as Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 and all 261 on board were killed, making it the deadliest DC-8 crash.

Are there any Convair 580 still flying?

With the last Convair 580 retired, now Air Chathams has a small but diverse fleet of aircraft, including two ATR-72, three Saab 340, three Fairchild Metroliner IIIs, a Cessna 206, and a historical DC-3. The two ATR-72s were purchased in early 2019 to replace the Convair 580.

What engine is on the Convair 580?

Alison 501-D13H engine
The Convair 580 is powered by the Alison 501-D13H engine, which allows it to perform at a maximum range of 2,577 nm.

Did Ronnie Van Zant predict his death?

The 1977 plane crash that killed Lynyrd Skynyrd members Ronnie Van Zant, and siblings Steve and Cassie Gaines was eerily predicted in 1977’s ‘That Smell’, featured on their album Street Survivors. Released 3 days after the crash, the album cover features the band being engulfed by flames.

Did a DC-8 go supersonic?

Even though the DC-8 wasn’t designed to go supersonic, the bragging rights of being the first to do so were worth making the attempt. In order to reach Mach 1, the jet had to be in a dive. According to, this meant taking it up to 52,000 feet, which was also a record for altitude.

How many times has a DC 10 crashes?

Accidents and incidents. As of September 2015, the DC-10 had been involved in 55 accidents and incidents, including 32 hull-loss accidents, with 1,261 occupant fatalities. Of these accidents and incidents, it has been involved in nine hijackings resulting in one death and a bombing resulting in 170 occupant fatalities.