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How far is Flamingo Oasis from the beach?

How far is Flamingo Oasis from the beach?

The hotel is located 800m from the beach.

How many rooms does Flamingo Oasis Benidorm have?

398 comfortable rooms
The Flamingo Oasis Hotel is in the new part of the city. It is a four-star all-inclusive hotel with 398 comfortable rooms and many facilities to make your holidays as fun and entertaining as possible.

What hotel do they film Benidorm in?

Hotel Sol Pelicanos and Ocas
For many who have watched the TV comedy programme, Benidorm over the years, staying at the twin Hotel Sol Pelicanos and Ocas, will be rich in novelty value. The resort, which is just minutes from the beach, is effectively two hotels in one, with double the benefits – restaurants, snack and pool bars all come in pairs.

When did Flamingo Oasis Open?

Built in 2001, the modern Hotel Flamingo Oasis has a total of 396 twin guest rooms, which are built over 25 floors and set amidst spacious Mediterranean style gardens and sun terraces, around a large central pool area.

Has the Flamingo Oasis Benidorm been refurbished?

The refurbishment of the Flamingo Oasis hotel, which will reopen in March, includes the complete refurbishment of the buffet restaurant, new LED lighting and improved acoustics in the restaurant, increasing the quality of the experience.

Where is Benidorm filmed?

Benidorm is filmed at a number of locations in Spain, which play host to the show. Among the locations are the Sol Pelicanos and Ocas hotels, which stand in for the Solana. The hotels’ swimming pool and bar have a starring role as the Solana’s facilities in the show.

How many floors are in the Flamingo Oasis?

Housed in a 25-story gray tower, the Flamingo Oasis is similar to (if a little older looking than) its immediate neighbors, except for the huge flamingo painted on the side of the building.

How many floors does Flamingo Oasis have?

3 answers. 21 floors high, if you don’t like being on a high floor e mail the Hotel and ask for a low one.

Where is Neptunes bar filmed in Benidorm?

You too can enjoy a drink in Morgan Tavern – which is transformed into Neptune’s during filming. Unlike the show, where the bar is part of the Solana Hotel, Morgan Tavern is actually situated a little bit down the road from the hotel – which in real life is called the Sol Pelícanos Ocas hotel.

Where is the pink house Benidorm?

What is affectionally known as “The Pink House”, located opposite Benidorm Palace and used as the reception area of the fictional Solana Hotel will once again be a hive of activity. Originally this property was built by a Spanish businessman and used as a design studio for a leather goods company.

Is the Solana a real hotel in Benidorm?

The Solana is the hotel featured in the show where the characters stay. However, although the hotel featured is a REAL hotel, it is not called the Solana – and there are two of them. The hotel is actually called Sol Pelícanos Ocas and it is a twin hotel where you CAN stay.

Can you visit the Solana in Benidorm?

Unfortunately, you won’t find the Solana’s reception area or Kenneth’s Blow and Go salon, as these scenes are filmed on a set half a mile away from the real hotel. The room scenes are also filmed in the Acuarium II Apartments, which are next door to the Sol Pelícanos Ocas hotel.

Why stay at the Flamingo Oasis Hotel?

When the sun goes down, the open-air entertainment area comes to life, with a programme of live shows, or why not dance into the early hours in the disco or relax in the great selection of bars. With so much to choose from on-site and with the wonders of Benidorm close at hand, it’s easy to see why the Flamingo Oasis Hotel is a family-favourite.

Is the Benidorm pool open in winter?

This heated pool is open in winter. Kids under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Just by the main pool. Stay in one of the Club rooms and pool towels are included – you’ll just need to pay a small deposit. What’s Benidorm like?

Where is the best place to stay in Benidorm?

The Hotel Flamigo Oasis comes with a buffet restaurant and a giant pool. And it’s all within easy reach of the beach. This place has a great spot in Benidorm – it’s quieter than down at the town centre, but still just 15 minutes’ walk to both the main strip and sandy Levante beach.

How many floors does the Flamingo Oasis have?

From the distinctive flamingo emblazoned down the outside of hotel’s 25 floors, to the cool marble reception area, the well-equipped bedrooms and the wide range of facilities, you can’t fail to be impressed with the Flamingo Oasis.