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How does the Gelmerbahn work?

How does the Gelmerbahn work?

Gelmerbahn practical info The passenger car takes 24 people on a 12-minute ride up the steep mountainside from Handegg, 1400m above sea level with sweeping views over Hasli Valley, to Lake Gelmer (1800m) where there are many hiking trails to explore. Many people opt for a one-way ticket while hiking the return journey.

How much does the Gelmerbahn cost?

Gelmerbahn • Famous Swiss “roller coaster” & alpine lake hike

Location: Berner Oberland
Cost 2021: funicular return CHF 32/adult, CHF 16/child 6-16 no discounts with Swiss travel cards
Services: no restaurants, toilet near dam, fires allowed but no official fire pits
More info: • webcam

How fast is the Gelmerbahn?

While it is extremely steep, this railway isn’t a rollercoaster, it only goes 4.5 miles per hour, which gives you plenty of time to take in the epic surroundings, and still have your stomach drop. The Gelmerbahn is open from May 26th to October 21st.

Who invented funiculars?

Carl Roman Abt

Carl Roman Abt
Parent(s) Roman Abt (1810–85), Marie Abt
Engineering career
Discipline Rail transport
Significant design Funicular automatic turnout, Rack railway systems

What country is Gelmerbahn in?

Gelmerbahn funicular railway | Switzerland Tourism.

How long is the Gelmerbahn ride?

Gelmer Funicular

Track length 1,028 metres (3,373 ft)
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 33⁄8 in) metre gauge
Maximum incline 106%

Is Gelmerbahn open in winter?

1 answer. Gelmerbahn is not operating in wintertime, due to possible snowfalls and to few visitors.

What is the steepest funicular?

Stoosbahn in Switzerland, with a maximum slope of 110% (47.7°), is the steepest funicular in the world.

Are there any funiculars in the US?

The US city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania has two funicular railways, the 1870’s Monongahela – the oldest line in operation in the country – and the Duquesne Incline, which is by far the most spectacular one.

Where is Gelmerbahn in Switzerland?

The Gelmer Funicular is a cable railway in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. It links a lower terminus at Handegg, in the Haslital (the valley of the upper Aar River), with an upper terminus at the Gelmersee lake.

How do I get from Interlaken to Gelmerbahn?

There is no direct connection from Interlaken to Handegg, Gelmerbahn. However, you can take the train to Meiringen, take the train to Innertkirchen Grimseltor, take the walk to Innertkirchen, Grimseltor, then take the line 171 bus to Handegg, Gelmerbahn.

Where does the Gelmerbahn start and end?

It links a lower terminus at Handegg, in the Haslital (the valley of the upper Aar River ), with an upper terminus at the Gelmersee lake. The Gelmerbahn was the steepest funicular in Switzerland and Europe, until the opening of the new Stoos Funicular in 2017. The Handegg terminus of the line is close to the road over the Grimsel Pass.

How high is the Gelmerbahn bridge above the gorge?

This suspension bridge stretches 70 metres above the gorge and connects the Gelmerbahn and Hotel Handeck. The mountain hike around the turquoise Lake Gelmer provides fascinating insights into the high-alpine mountain world.

Is the Gelmerbahn the steepest train in Europe?

A real adventure. A trip on the Gelmerbahn is an experience like no other, with a turquoise mountain lake awaiting you after the rattling 12-minute trip backwards up the mountain. With a gradient of 106 per cent, it is undoubtedly the steepest passenger funicular railway in Europe.

Is the Gelmersee cable car worth it?

It is a technological marvel and offers an unforgettable, almost vertical ride. Simply ascending and descending in the open cable car is an experience (reservation recommended), but you should definitely also plan a circular hike around the turquoise waters of the Gelmersee lake or up to the Gelmerhütte mountain shelter.