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How does season 2 of Gotham end?

How does season 2 of Gotham end?

Freeze and Firefly presumably escaped, Fish Mooney is back out on the streets with THE POWER TO ENSLAVE MINDS, the Court of Owls is still safely in secret, Jim Gordon’s leaving Gotham City (temporarily), and oh yeah, a bus full of monsters was let loose. And that brings us to the bus full of monsters.

Who is the main villain of Gotham Season 2?

The devious villain of season two, Theo Galavan deserves his place on the list for his second death (there’s a lot of resurrections in Gotham) where he got blown up by a rocket launcher.

How many episodes is Gotham Season 2?

22Gotham / Number of episodes

Who owns Wayne Enterprises in Gotham?

Bruce Wayne
The American diversified multinational conglomerate is owned and chaired by Bruce Wayne, the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Wayne Enterprises is a green company based out of Gotham City and headquartered in Wayne Tower….Wayne Enterprises.

Wayne Enterprises, Inc.
Base(s) Gotham City
Owner(s) Thomas Wayne Bruce Wayne

Who runs Indian Hill?

Wayne Enterprises
Indian Hill is secretly owned by Wayne Enterprises and supervised by The Court of Owls.

Who inherits Bruce Wayne’s fortune?

His wife, Laura Elizabeth Wayne, inherited the Wayne fortune at age thirty-seven and became the first Wayne to direct the conglomerate toward ecological responsibility.

Is Bruce Wayne a billionaire?

Bruce Wayne was once worth approximately $100 billion During the early part of 2020, Bruce Wayne was estimated to be worth around $100 billion, making him potentially one of the richest people on the planet. In a real-world sense, this would put him in a similar league as billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

What did Hugo Strange do to Fish Mooney?

Cellular degeneration: Every time Mooney uses her power, her DNA deteriorates due to her body rejecting the new cells. However, the damage can be undone by not using her powers. Hugo Strange later cured her of this disability through unknown methods.

Who is clayface in Gotham?

The eighth version of Clayface, Johnny Williams, debuted in Batman: Gotham Knights #60 (February 2005). Williams is introduced as a former firefighter in Gotham who is transformed into a clay-based creature by an explosion in a chemical plant.