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How do you write a software configuration management plan?

How do you write a software configuration management plan?

The 5 steps of a SCM plan

  1. Planning and Identification. The first step in the process is planning and identification.
  2. Version Control and Baseline.
  3. Change Control.
  4. Configuration Status Accounting.
  5. Audits and Reviews.

What is a configuration management library?

The controlled or configuration management library is where configuration items are stored. It may be divided into a number of physical libraries, especially where the configuration items are of different types: documents, source code, hardware, and so on.

What are the three components of the configuration management plan?

Identifying, defining, and baselining configuration items (CI) Controlling modifications and releases of CIs.

What are the 4 steps associated with configuration management?

To prevent any gaps or oversights, approach the configuration management process in four distinct steps.

  • Step 1: Create a configuration management baseline.
  • Step 2: Don’t let the baseline become obsolete.
  • Step 3: Continuous auditing.
  • Step 4: Test, test, test.

What is SCM plan used for?

The SCM plan identifies tools and version numbers used in the software development lifecycle. The SCM plan identifies mechanisms for controlled access of simultaneous individuals updating the same application component. The SCM plan assures only authorized changes by authorized persons are possible.

What is software configuration management process?

Software configuration management is the process of identifying and defining the software configuration items in a system, controlling the release and change of these items throughout the system lifecycle, recording and reporting the status of configuration items and change requests, and verifying the completeness and …

What is a configuration management system?

A Configuration management system allows the enterprise to define settings in a consistent manner, then to build and maintain them according to the established baselines. A configuration management plan should include a number of tools that: Enable classification and management of systems in groups.

Who writes CM plan?

It is written in parallel with other project planning documents by the Project Manager, and is reviewed by all affected groups. Although the CM Plan is approved by the Project Manager, it needs to be reviewed by all affected parties.

What are the software configuration management activities?

The SCM activities are management and planning of the SCM process, software configuration identification, software configuration control, software configuration status accounting, software configuration auditing, and software release management and delivery.

What is the main aim of software configuration management?

A tool is piece of software that enables people to definesoftware testing tasks. Software project management comprises of a number of activities, which contains _….

Q. What is the main aim of Software Configuration Management(SCM)?
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D. all of theabove
Answer» d. all of theabove

What is the first step of configuration management?

First, Plan Your configuration management plan is part of the project management plan (hopefully a relatively small and easy part, but not one that should be overlooked). The config management process and approach is documented so that everyone knows what is happening and what is expected.