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How do you use termbase in Trados?

How do you use termbase in Trados?

To add a termbase, click the Termbase icon above the Term Recognition window. Result: The Project Settings dialogue box displays. 2. Click Add to add a termbase.

Is sdl MultiTerm free?

Please note that MultiTerm is included for free with your Trados Studio license and will be available to download from your SDL account. Your personal data will only be used to provide you with related product and services information.

What is a termbase in translation?

Translation termbase is a list of approved terms restricted to a specific subject matter paired with corresponding terms in the target language and guidelines on usage.

How do you open termbase in Trados?

Selecting termbases in SDL Trados Studio To open a termbase, click the Project Termbase Settings button on the right of the toolbar (highlighted in the preceding screenshot). In the Termbases pane of the Project Settings dialog box, click Add.

What is Trados MultiTerm?

MultiTerm Desktop is the desktop terminology management tool from RWS. This course is designed for users who want to get familiar with MultiTerm quickly and start working productively from day one. Training on MultiTerm is part of the Studio Level 3 training course.

How do you use MultiTerm SDL?

Simple use

  1. Install your SDL MultiTerm Widget and open it.
  2. Click on the Configure button in the right upper corner.
  3. ​Click on the Open Termbases button, find the termbase file *.sdltb on your machine (or server) and click OK.
  4. Configure your preferences.

What is the difference between termbase and translation memory?

Text translated using a translation memory may therefore contain a lot of inaccuracies. However, while a translation memory has an automatic data collection system, a termbase requires terms to be added manually. Translation memory management is easier. Therefore, these systems are not interchangeable tools.

How do I create a termbase file in Excel?

1) Click on Termbase>Create termbase and specify a route and name to save it. Then click on Next and follow the steps detailed by the wizard. 2) The first step is to create your database from the structure of the definition file that you created earlier (.

How do you add a word to MultiTerm?

Click Edit entry on the lower MultiTerm Online toolbar. Select the field to which you want to add content and press [Enter] to open the field for editing. Add field content as required and press [Enter] to save the new text. The field and its contents are now visible in the Entry pane.

What is a terminology management tool?

A Terminology management system (TMS) is a software tool specifically designed to collect, maintain, and access terminological data. It is used by translators, terminologists, technical writers, and various other users.

How do I convert Excel to MultiTerm?

Creating databases on MultiTerm from an Excel glossary

  1. First of all, you need an Excel file.
  2. Run SDL MultiTerm Convert.
  3. Then choose the option New conversion session to create a conversion from scratch and click on Next.
  4. Then you have to load the Excel file that contains the terms in Input file.

What is A termbase?

What is a Termbase? A termbase is a database containing terminology and related information. Most termbases are multilingual and contain terminology data in a range of different languages. Terminology data is organized into termbase entries: each entry contains at least one term.

Do I have to log in to use server-based termbases?

However, you do have to log in to use server-based termbases. Your SDL MultiTerm administrator will provide you with details of how to connect to the server and give you login details. When working with local termbases, you have unlimited user rights to termbase data.

How are history Fields assigned to A termbase entry?

History fields are automatically assigned to each entry at entry level and to each index at index level. For all other fields in the termbase, history fields are optional and must be commissioned in the Termbase Wizard. Once assigned, history fields are created and maintained by the system. All termbase entries are structured in the following way:

What are termbase indexes?

Each index corresponds to one of the termbase languages. Descriptive fields – contain descriptive information about the entry or language as a whole, or about the individual terms. Each descriptive field has a defined data type. Types of data include text, picklist, number, date, Boolean and multimedia file.