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How do you unlock all characters in Castle Crashers PC?

How do you unlock all characters in Castle Crashers PC?

Regular Mode Unlocks

  1. Skeleton – Complete the game with the Red Knight.
  2. Bear – Complete the game with the Skeleton.
  3. Fire Demon – Complete the game with the Orange Knight.
  4. Ninja – Complete the game with the Fire Demon.
  5. Industrialist – Complete the game with the Blue Knight.

Where do you get the map in Castle Crashers?

Sold in Stores? The Map is a reward for defeating the Saracen team at the volleyball game, which is located at the end of the Sand Castle Roof level. Obtaining the map exists the level and reveals a new path on the World Map, which leads to the Flooded Temple level.

Can you Mod Castle Crashers PC?

The game is so beloved and old, yet there are no mods for things like custom characters.

Which character in Castle Crashers is the best?


  • 1: Blue Knight (307 points)
  • 2: Fencer/Industrialist (305 points)
  • 3: Iceskimo (290 points)
  • 4: Fire Demon (263 points)
  • 5: Orange Knight (259 points)
  • 6: Red Knight (254 points)
  • 7: Necromancer (199 points)
  • 8: Ninja (198 points)

Is the GREY Knight Good Castle Crashers?

Decent Castle Crashers. Spellweaving makes Gray Knight practically invincible in some normally key difficult levels, when mastered. Attribute to Agility or Magic. Use a Strength heavy weapon or a Magic heavy weapon that does not reduce Strength.

Who does the Blue Knight unlock?

Complete the game with the Blue Knight to unlock the Industrialist character. Then complete the game with the Industrialist to unlock the Fencer character.

What is the best weapon in Castle Crashers?

Castle Crashers: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

  1. 1 Man Catcher. One of the stranger-looking weapons in a game that is filled with strange-looking weapons, the Man Catcher is a solid pick for any player.
  2. 2 NG Golden Sword.
  3. 3 Club.
  4. 4 Fishing Spear.
  5. 5 Golden Skull Mace.
  6. 6 Butcher’s Knife.
  7. 7 Clunky Mace.
  8. 8 Buffalo Mace.

How do you find the corn boss?

The fight takes place on a clearing in the middle of the Peasants’ cornfield, where the Corn Boss has taken over a barn to make it his home. Two of the allies (a Peasant and a Civilian), which helped you in the Marsh level, will be positioned on the upper-left side of the field.

How do you get the glitch sword in Castle Crashers remastered?

The Glitch Sword is a weapon that cannot be obtained normally in the game Castle Crashers. Obtaining this sword required an illegitimate save where you had every weapon unlocked, even the unobtainable ones such as the Horn or the Map.

Is the pink knight good?

Overall, Pink Knight is good for large groups of enemies, such as the Necromancer fight, and his “Rainbow Chain” is tied with Blue Knight and Iceskimo’s “Ice Pillars” Splash Attack as the most expensive in the game. Average character.

Is pink knight good?

How many playable characters are there in Castle Crashers?

This is a list of all 31 playable characters in the game Castle Crashers. To see the tier list, click here . Click on the name or image of your preferred character to read their main article and learn more about their involvement in the game, a detailed description, his abilities, strategies, trivia and more!

What are the best Castle Crashers groups on Steam?

The Castle Crashers Army is one of the fastest growing Castle Crashers groups on steam. Join the group here. Sometimes the best resources are just other users. Any player that helped create this guide (view them on the right in the collaborators list) is a great resource.

How do you get Insane Mode in Castle Crashers?

Insane mode is a gamemode in Castle Crashers that is extremely difficult. To access it, you need to enter campaign mode with a character that has beaten the game once (indicated by the “white skull” on the selection screen.) and then go to the insane mode location on the map, location under “Barbarian Boss”.

How does the Castle Crashers Save system work?

The Castle Crashers save system works where only certain levels will save the game. These are called “Checkpoint Levels”. For instance, Thieves’ Forest is a checkpoint level, but Forest Entrance, the level before it, is not.