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How do you text 100.3 The Bear?

How do you text 100.3 The Bear?

100.3 The Bear – Text to 666-666 or call 780-451-8666 | Facebook.

When did 100.3 THE BEAR start?

The station uses its on-air brand name 100.3 The Bear and is owned by Bell Media….CFBR-FM.

Edmonton, Alberta
Owner Bell Media (Bell Media Radio G.P)
Sister stations CFRN, CFMG-FM, CFRN-DT
First air date 1951

Who won the Secret Sound on the bear?

Bear Listener Adam was the 103rd texter through at 8pm on Web Oct 23rd. He had the WINNING guess making him $45,900 richer! Take a listen!

Is Ry my still on the bear?

Co-hosts Yukon Jack and Ryan Maier (Ry My) will host the show for the interim while Gillian Foote continues her maternity leave.

What is the chuck Radio Edmonton?

Corus Radio is bringing a new feel to the Edmonton airwaves today with the launch of 92.5 The ‘Chuck. Rebranded from Fresh Radio, The ‘Chuck is giving listeners more music variety full of hits and surprises, interspersed with irreverent slices of this city that we love. “If you live in Edmonton, you’ll get it.

When was the bear launched?

The Bear was released on 19 October 1988 in France, and 27 October 1989 in the United States.

Was the Secret Sound won today?

On Friday, Hennie van Staden won the R50,000 Secret Sound.

Where did Gillian Foote go?

Gillian Foote returned to her home province of Nova Scotia after spending the better part of two decades in Edmonton at 100.3 The Bear.

When did Paul Brown leave the bear?

In 1968, Brown co-founded and was the first coach of the Bengals. He retired from coaching in 1975 but remained the Bengals’ team president until his death in 1991….Paul Brown.

Brown on a 1952 football card
Personal information
Born: September 7, 1908 Norwalk, Ohio
Died: August 5, 1991 (aged 82) Cincinnati, Ohio
Career information

Is the bear real?

The story was based on several trips he took to British Columbia, and the young hunter, called Jim in the book, is based on Curwood himself. However, many of its plot elements mainly dealing with the friendship between the grizzly cub and the Kodiak bear were fabricated. Curwood’s biographer, Judith A.

Who made the bear?

The Bear (1988 film)

The Bear
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Written by Gérard Brach James Oliver Curwood (novel)
Produced by Claude Berri
Starring Bart the Bear Youk the Bear Tchéky Karyo Jack Wallace Andre Lacombe

How do you get to the secret sound in 2021?

Guess the sound and SMS the word ‘Secret’ to 37942! Messages cost R1,50. Come on – give your best shot every weekday at 06:50 and 07:50! Before entering Martin’s Secret Sound competition, make sure you read the Ts & Cs.