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How do you tell what year my Toro is?

How do you tell what year my Toro is?

Re: Toro serial number identification When it starts with a 2, the second digit is the year. When it starts with a 3, the 2nd and 3rd digits are the year. 24xxxxxx for example would be a 2004 model. 316xxxxx in your case is 2016.

What year is Toro model 20332?

Trimmer, Electric and Gas

Model Number Serial Number Year
20332 313000001 – 313999999 2013
20332 312000001 – 312999999 2012
20332 311000001 – 311999999 2011
20332 310000001 – 310999999 2010

What year is Toro model 20016?

Manufacturing for Toro 20016 Recycler Lawn Mower began in 2002 and was made through 2006.

What year is Toro model 20018?

A Complete Listing Of All Toro 20018 Recycler Parts Is Available Using. Manufacturing for Toro 20018 Recycler Lawn Mower began in 2002 and was made through2003.

How do I know what model Toro I have?


  1. The model number on your Toro walk-behind lawn mower will usually be located on the back of the housing, under the bag retaining flap.
  2. Zero-Turn Rider, Out Front Z.
  3. Steering tower, left side.
  4. Handle, lower right.
  5. Frame, rear.
  6. Model and serial number are located on the housing.

Where is the model and serial number on a Toro lawn mower?

The model number sticker on a Toro lawn tractor can be located in one of five locations: under the seat, on the dash, next to the steering column, on the footrest, or on top of the mower deck.

What engine is in Toro 20332?

Briggs & Stratton® EXi 163cc
Overview. This Toro 22 in. Personal Pace® Recycler® lawnmower gives you a powerful performance and lightweight agility. Powered by a 7.25 ft-lb Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® EXi 163cc w/Ready Start – no need to prime or choke.

What engine does a Toro 20332 have?

Briggs and Stratton
The engine for your Toro 20332 Recycler Lawn Mower is a Briggs and Stratton with 4 Cycle.

Where is serial number on Toro lawnmower?

Finding the Model and Serial Numbers on a Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mower. The model and serial number can be found on a sticker between the engine and the seat of the zero-turn.

How do I know what model my Toro lawn mower is?

Does Toro use Briggs and Stratton?

The Toro is a 22″ gas-powered mower, model 20355. The machine is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 725 EXi Series engine. The engine has 7.25 ft. lbs of gross torque with a 163 OHV engine.