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How do you teach ch and sh?

How do you teach ch and sh?

How to Teach Ch

  1. Have the client say Sh with prolongation. Have him hold it for about 3 seconds.
  2. Then have him “Stop the air” by lifting the tongue-tip up to T.
  3. Now have him say a sequence of three sounds: Sh—-T—-Sh.
  4. Now do this in long sequences: Sh—T—Sh—T—Sh—T—Sh—T—Sh…
  5. Now do it faster and faster.

How do you stimulate CH?

The /ch/ sound is actually a combination of the /t/ and the /sh/ sound. To make the sound, begin with your teeth together and bring the tip of your tongue to the small ridge just behind the front teeth. The corners of the lips are puller together so the lips pucker.

How do you teach Digraph CH?

Consonant digraphs are two letters that work together to represent a single sound, like: ch in chain. ck in kick….Activities to teach digraphs ch, ck, wh

  1. Cut and Match.
  2. Draw the Words.
  3. Draw and Match.
  4. Un-Jumble the Words.
  5. Choose the Correct Spelling.
  6. Find the Words.
  7. Word Hunt.
  8. Word Triangles.

How can I make articulation fun?

Get creative with these ideas and get practicing!

  1. Charades. Act out your target word.
  2. 2. “ I Spy”
  3. Color in a picture of target words.
  4. Draw a picture of target words.
  5. Turn taking game. Puzzle, Legos, trains, board game, toss balloon/ball.
  6. Stack cups.
  7. Mystery box.
  8. Articulation bingo with words containing your target sound.

How do speech therapists use board games?

Word-based board games (Apples to Apples) are a great activity to work on generalizing articulation sounds in sentences or conversation. You can also incorporate speech sound cards so your student can practice with a less structured activity, such as replacing the cards in Candyland with speech sounds and words.

How do you stimulate ch?

What is included in the sh and ch articulation activities bundle?

SH and CH articulation activities Bundle includes no prep worksheets for both; SH sound and CH sound , SH articulation cards, CH articulation cards, and mini cards. This Bundle in Details;Articulation Activity: CH and Sh Articulation Coloring Worksheets: is a no prep articulation activity.

What are the different types of articulation games?

There are currently over 100 articulation games covering multiple sounds. Play games, such as battleship, hangman, jumbled words, java games, and challenge boards. 3. Digital Spinners

Are there any free online articulation games for speech therapy?

Below is a list of 11 free online articulation games for speech therapy. 1. Picture Reveal Select any picture you want to use from the internet then upload it and choose the number of trials you want your student to complete. 2. Quia Games Articulation

How can I use articulation worksheets in my classroom?

Use the worksheets for a variety of games including “Find it Fast” in which students race to locate the picture quicke Articulation Animals are a great and engaging way to practice articulation in speech therapy and then as a take-home activity.