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How do you store embroidery threads?

How do you store embroidery threads?

Store your embroidery floss in bags. “I ordered some colored mesh bags from Amazon and put the coordinating colors in each bag. Then I put them in a small plastic bin, file like. Works great!” Using bags for storage are another quick and easy way to store embroidery floss and other threads.

How do I store my threads?

Threads are easily accessible but protected from fading and dust. In your drawer, lay spools on their sides to see colors at glance. As your collection grows, stand spools up to save space. A simple tin or tray works well for bobbin storage.

What can you do with leftover embroidery thread?

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Fill a clear plastic Christmas ornament.
  2. Display them in a frame.
  3. Fill the barrel of a clear pen (like this one from Kreinik)
  4. Use them to fill pincushions or small stuffed animals.
  5. Use them in small stitching projects or crazy quilts.
  6. Make fiber art.

What are Annie’s keepers?

Annie’s Thread Keepers are a comprehensive system of floss and fiber management. Simply cut thread to desired working length and insert it in the bottom hole of the sturdy acrylic 3/4″ x 1-7/8″ Annie’s Thread Keeper.

How do you store large spools of thread?

Simply thread the straw through the middle of the spool and bobbin and then stand them up together on your shelf in a drawer. Peg board hung on the wall or set in a drawer can be a clever way to store spools of thread.

What is an ORT box?

Ort boxes are decorative boxes for you to keep your “orts”, or ends of threads and fibers that are left over when you stitch.

What is an ORT jar?

I thought I would write a blog post all about the wonderfulness of ORT jars. Here is a picture of my current ORT jar. As you can see, it is nothing more than a jelly jar filled with snippets of embroidery threads. I keep this jar in my “stitching spot”, which is on the end table next to the couch.