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How do you solve the door puzzle in Skuldafn Temple?

How do you solve the door puzzle in Skuldafn Temple?

The door puzzle is a combination door requiring the Diamond Claw. The combination on the palm of the claw is, from top to bottom: fox, moth, dragon.

What is the pillar code in Sovngarde?

There are two solutions here for two gates; the two side pillars must face outwards, while the one in the middle faces the gates. The right-hand gate’s solution, from east to west, is Snake—Eagle—Whale, and the left-hand gate’s solution is Snake—Snake—Whale. Raising the second gate will not lower the first.

What is the Diamond Claw code?

Diamond Claw
Type Misc Item
Weight 0.5
Base Value 1000
ID 000ab375

Is there anything special in Sovngarde?

Sovngarde is one of Skyrim’s most beautiful zones. It is the afterlife, so it has to be impressive. The flora is lush and beautiful, including trees, lichens, and a variety of wildflowers, which is why most players don’t notice there are no animals at all, not even birds or insects.

Is there anything in Sovngarde?

There appears to be no fauna found within Sovngarde. There are large identical statues lining the stairs and surrounding the edges of the entire valley. On top of the central hill, you can find what was once a word wall, now covered in large rocks.

How do I get ebony claw?

The Ebony Dragon Claw is found at Korvanjund during the quest “The Jagged Crown.” Depending on which side of the war is supported, it is found in the Hall Of Stories near the dead bodies of either two Imperial Soldiers or two Stormcloaks.

Is there a word of power in Sovngarde?

Lol a year late but you’re confusing the wordwalls, there’s one actually IN sovnguard (at the top of the hill) that cannot be accesed as it is covered with stones. The storm call word wall is before you entre sovnguard. Zombiefied thread finally gets right answer. There is no working wordwall in Sovngarde.

Do statues in Sovngarde move?

Confirm again that they move, when you enter sovngarde, they face you, when you reach the central hill before Tsun, turn and they are now facing you.