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How do you record medication administration?

How do you record medication administration?

Any support given should be recorded on a medicines administration record (MAR). The MAR will preferably be a printed record provided by the pharmacist, doctor or home care provider and should include: name and date of birth. name, formulation and strength of the medicine(s)

Which medication should be recorded on a mar sheet?

The MAR can be used to record when non-prescribed medicines are given, for example a homely remedy. Administration of controlled drugs should be recorded on the resident’s MAR chart as well as the controlled drug (CD) register. Responsibility for providing MAR charts rests with the care provider.

How do you document Mar?

The following are examples of information to include on the MAR:

  1. Month and year that the Medication Administration Record represents.
  2. Date order was given, and date and time medication was administered.
  3. Initial of the person transcribing the order.
  4. Initial of the person giving the medication.

What is a Mar form?

A Medication Administration Record (MAR, or eMAR for electronic versions), commonly referred to as a drug chart, is the report that serves as a legal record of the drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a health care professional. The MAR is a part of a patient’s permanent record on their medical chart.

How medication is recorded on receipt?

A record should be made on the ‘Record of Ordering, Collection/Delivery or Disposal of Medication’ form. Detailing:

  1. Date of receipt.
  2. Name, strength and dose of medication.
  3. Quantity received.
  4. Signature of member of staff receiving medicines.

What must be on a Mar?

A MAR chart should contain the following information: Patient details: -Full name, date of birth and weight (if child or frail elderly) and include known allergies and type of reaction experienced.

What does G mean on a mar sheet?

Information must be recorded on the back of the MARR sheet indicating what medication has left the building and what medication has been returned after the time away. G = See notes overleaf – when a child/young person does not have their medication for any reason other than refusal by the child/young person.

What are the 3 med checks?

Frequency – how often a medication must be given. MAR – medication administration record. Route – how a medication is given. Time – when the medication is scheduled on the MAR.

How do you record PRN medication?

PRN medication should only be administered for its intended use by the prescriber. note the minimum interval between doses and the maximum dose in 24 hours. It is good practice to record at each medication round that the resident has been offered the medication. The code may indicate ‘not required’.

What is on a mar sheet?

The MAR chart is individual to the person and reflects the items which are still being currently prescribed and administered, together with information about repeat prescriptions for PRN (“when required”) medicines. A Formal Confidential Record of Medication Administration.

Who can write a MAR chart?

Can anyone write on the printed MAR? 17. Anyone can change the MAR chart. But the care provider should have a system to check the source and accuracy of the changes.