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How do you qualify for RDC?

How do you qualify for RDC?

Per MILPERSMAN 1306-954, E-5 Sailors must have a minimum of six years active service with two years time-in-rate upon application to serve as an RDC. E-6s must have a minimum of six years active service upon applying. There are no minimum years of service or time in rate requirements for chiefs and above.

What does RDC stand for Navy?

Recruit Division Commander
A Recruit Division Commander (RDC) instructs recruits in military and physical drills, demonstrates proper procedures to keep clothing, equipment, barracks and recruits in smart, shipshape condition. RDCs are always available to answer questions and to help recruits.

Does RDC count as sea duty?

b. Serving as an RDC is considered arduous shore duty as the hours and time spent away from family is not consistent with other shore duty billets. To attract the highest caliber Sailors to fill a physically and mentally challenging role, the Navy has instituted the use of Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP).

What is Navy RDC duty like?

The job of an RDC is not easy shore duty. The hours are long, the work is physically challenging, and strong character and personal integrity are required throughout the RDCs’ work day. However, the personal reward of training and preparing Sailors for the fleet is unmatched.

How hard is it to be an RDC?

“It’s very difficult being an RDC,” said Marshalsea. “They need to look way deep down inside and ask themselves if this is something they really want to do, because this is not an easy job. Find a former RDC at your command right now that has already done this, and get their feedback.”

What does RDC mean?

RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre which is a large warehouse for one or more companies.

What rank is a division commander?

lieutenant general
The division commander is a lieutenant general.

What are navy drill instructors called?

Recruit Division Commanders
Navy Drill Instructors – Recruit Division Commanders In the Navy, the instructors are called RDCs (Recruit Division Commanders). Addressing an RDC as “Sir,” or “Ma’am” will find the recruit some added attention. The RDCs are Chief Petty Officers or Petty Officers and can addresses as such.

How long is RDC training?

The school is a 13-week-long, physically challenging, intensive hands-on training course which prepares prospective RDCs with the necessary skills, perspective and physical readiness to be an RDC. Upon reporting to RDC “C” school, students are assigned a qualified RDC mentor and split into classes of 15-50 students.

What does a red rope mean in the Navy?

Recruit Division commanders
A red aiguillette is worn on the left shoulder by United States Navy Recruit Division commanders, whereas a blue aiguillette is worn by Recruit Division commanders in training. Recruit Division commanders wearing these are referred colloquially as “red ropes” and “blue ropes” respectively.

What is RDC with Royal Mail?

RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre which is a large warehouse for one or more companies. Such locations have many deliveries every day and can be challenging points to get freight into.