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How do you put links in your Tumblr description?

How do you put links in your Tumblr description?

Steps for Putting a Link in Tumblr Description for Computer: Choose your Tumblr blog. Tap the ”Edit appearance” option on the right side of the screen. Later, choose the ”edit theme” in the ”website theme” part. You should put the link to the ”description box” in the appearance options located on the right.

Can you use HTML in Tumblr description?

To add links to your Tumblr bio, you’ll need to use a simple HTML code. Tumblr doesn’t give you any sort of built-in way to add links yourself, so you’ll have to copy and paste the code in manually.

How do you link your URL on Tumblr?

Enter a suitable page URL in the first field, which can be anything you like — “” (without quotes), for example. Enter the URL you wish to link to in the “Redirect to” field, and then tick the “Show a link to this page” box and provide a suitable label, such as “My other blog.”

How do you hyperlink in HTML?

To make a hyperlink in an HTML page, use the and tags, which are the tags used to define the links. The tag indicates where the hyperlink starts and the tag indicates where it ends. Whatever text gets added inside these tags, will work as a hyperlink. Add the URL for the link in the .

How do you make text clickable in HTML?

From email addresses to blog references, one can also make any text clickable in HTML….To break the code that helps you make text clickable in HTML and understand it better,

  1. helps one to specify the target.
  2. Finally, to finish it, you can add the tag to indicate where the link ends.

How do you make a description on Tumblr?

How to add a perfect description to your Tumblr?

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr.
  2. Click “setting.”
  3. Select the blog to which you like to add your biography.
  4. Click “customize.”
  5. Paste or type your biography in “Description” field to view an immediate preview of what it will look like on your blog.

How do you customize your Tumblr bio?

You can update your Tumblr blog bio to reflect these changes by returning to the theme editor where you originally added the bio information.

  1. Click “Customize” at the top of your Tumblr blog to access the theme-editing screen.
  2. Access the area where you added your bio and perform your edits.
  3. Save your updated biography.

How do you embed a link in text in HTML?

How to add a link to Tumblr description?

Here are the simple steps that you can follow on how to add a link to Tumblr description: You can open Tumblr by going to its dashboard or merely opening the app. Key in your information (passwords included). If you already have Tumblr will open automatically without you having to key in the data.

How do I add a clickable url to my Tumblr account?

Including a clickable URL requires some basic coding. To edit your account, you’ll want to start at your feed, or Dashboard. 1. Open Tumblr in a web browser and log in, and then head to your dashboard. 2. Click the icon in the top-right that looks like a person’s head and shoulders.

How can I edit my Tumblr description?

If you can write CSS and HTML on a phone, good for you, most people will probably be to fumbling around with this for an hour. Paste this code directly into your Tumblr Description and edit the URLs and the anchor texts as you see fit. Reminder: Edit out the unnecessary white-space and new line characters!

How do I login to Tumblr?

You can open Tumblr by visiting through your browser, or by clicking on the app icon on your mobile device. Once on the website, you’re going to be welcomed by this screen: Simply click on “log in” and enter your login details. Once on your home page, click on this icon on the upper right corner of your screen: