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How do you pronounce ceruloplasmin?

How do you pronounce ceruloplasmin?

Phonetic spelling of ceruloplasmin

  1. ceru-lo-plas-min.
  2. cer-ulo-plas-min. Geovanni Runte.
  3. ceru-lo-plas-min. Merle Balistreri.

What is leprosy known as today?

Hansen’s disease (also known as leprosy) is an infection caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae.

How do you say penicillamine?

Phonetic spelling of penicillamine

  1. Pen-nee-silla-meen.
  2. peni-cil-lamine. Elmer Becker.
  3. peni-cil-lamine.
  4. pen-i-SIL-a-meen.
  5. pen-ih-SILL-ah-meen.
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What is the function of ceruloplasmin?

Ceruloplasmin is a protein that is made in the liver. It stores and carries copper from the liver into the bloodstream and to the parts of your body that need it. Copper is a mineral that is found in several foods, including nuts, chocolate, mushrooms, shellfish, and liver.

What is a Naevus?

(NEE-vus) A benign (not cancer) growth on the skin that is formed by a cluster of melanocytes (cells that make a substance called melanin, which gives color to skin and eyes). A nevus is usually dark and may be raised from the skin.

What is lepromatous leprosy?

Lepromatous leprosy is characterized by multiple skin lesions that are smaller than those observed in tuberculoid leprosy (Fig. 334-3). Although the sites of skin lesions are similar to those of tuberculoid leprosy, the multiple lesions of lepromatous leprosy are often symmetrically distributed.

Is leprosy a virus or bacteria?

Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) is a chronic infectious disease that primarily affects the peripheral nerves, skin, upper respiratory tract, eyes, and nasal mucosa (lining of the nose). The disease is caused by a bacillus (rod-shaped) bacterium known as Mycobacterium leprae.

What are the first signs of leprosy?

Early symptoms begin in cooler areas of the body and include loss of sensation.Signs of leprosy are painless ulcers, skin lesions of hypopigmented macules (flat, pale areas of skin), and eye damage (dryness, reduced blinking). Susceptibility to getting leprosy may be due to certain human genes.

What causes leprosy and is there a cure?

Leprosy Definition. “Leprosy is a chronic infection that affects the skin,mucous membrane,and nerves,and causes discolouration,lumps,disfigurement and deformities in skin.”

  • Types of Leprosy.
  • Causes of Leprosy.
  • Symptoms of Leprosy.
  • Diagnosis of Leprosy.
  • Treatment of Leprosy.
  • Complications of Leprosy.
  • What is the best medicine for leprosy?

    – In tuberculoid Hansen’s disease, the immune response is good. A person with this type of infection only exhibits a few lesions. – In lepromatous Hansen’s disease, the immune response is poor. – In borderline Hansen’s disease, there are clinical features of both tuberculoid and lepromatous Hansen’s disease.

    What are the early symptoms of leprosy?

    Numbness of affected areas of the skin

  • Muscle weakness or paralysis (especially in the hands and feet)
  • Enlarged nerves (especially those around the elbow and knee and in the sides of the neck)
  • Eye problems that may lead to blindness (when facial nerves are affected)