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How do you predict BTST?

How do you predict BTST?

The primary criteria to pick stocks for BTST is to identify when a price break out is expected to happen in the upward direction. For instance, at 3 PM, a stock is trading at Rs. 100 per share and its price surges to Rs. 110 at 3:15 PM, it indicates a breakout in the price moving pattern.

Which stock is best for BTST?

Best BTST Tips – List of Top 10 BTST Stocks

Stock LTP Buy StopLoss
Stock Jindal Stainless Hisar LTP 233.90 Buy StopLoss 222.05
Stock IOB LTP 17.00 Buy StopLoss 16.40
Stock Aster DM Healthcare LTP 191.20 Buy StopLoss 183.28
Stock Mahindra Finance LTP 173.35 Buy StopLoss 164.96

How do you avoid penalty in BTST?

It is advisable to trade in highly liquid Group A stocks to avoid auction penalty. The shares that have been bought and subsequently sold under BTST would be first credited and then debited from your Demat Account as per normal pay in and pay out.

How do I find BTST and STBT stocks?

The general criteria for trading in stocks for BTST and STBT is to trade when the stock break out in either direction during the market hours. Like for example, Reliance Industries is trading around 800 during the day and at 3 pm it suddenly rises to 815. It suggests a breakout in the price moving pattern.

Is BTST good strategy?

The backtest period is between 2007 to 2018, 11 years of data. The results are much better than the intraday strategy. During the times of High volatile period like 2007/2008 it has provided exceptional returns. As I have considered basket of all FnO stocks, the no of trades are higher.

Is BTST trading risky?

The risk with BTST trades is that since you are selling shares that aren’t in your DEMAT account yet, you are relying on the seller whom you bought the shares from to give you the stock.

What are benefits of BTST?

BTST Advantages It allows you to benefit from the short term volatility or increase/decrease in the price of the stocks. BTST trades do not attract Demat Debit Transaction Charges as shares are not credited in your demat account.

Does Zerodha charge for BTST?

The charges for BTST in Zerodha are Rs 0 (free). There are no brokerage charges on BTST trades in Zerodha as these get traded with CNC product type used for Equity Delivery. However, you need to pay the applicable regulatory fees and taxes like STT, Stamp Duty, GST Exchange Transaction Tax, and SEBI charges.

Why BTST is stopped?

Upstox does not offer BTST facility. They stopped offering this facility since September 2020 after SEBI introduced the new margin policy. If you have an account with Upstox and you have bought 500 Shares of Infosys Ltd on 1st Sept 2020.

What is the risk involved in BTST?

Is BTST trading profitable?

Advantages of BTST Trade Since shares are not deposited with the DP and sold before that, DP charges are avoided in BTST trades. In case you executed an intraday trade and think that it won’t be profitable by the time the market closes, you could convert it to BTST and have the option of selling it the next day.

What is the risk in BTST?