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How do you play jungle with Shaco?

How do you play jungle with Shaco?

Essentially, Shaco is capable of clearing multiple camps at the same time. If you are starting your path with red buff, placing two Boxes by raptors will allow you to take both simultaneously. This strategy can can be applied to any jungle quadrant and will put you massively ahead of your jungle opponent.

Is Shaco a good Jungler?

Shaco Build 12.10 ranks as an B-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 51.56% (Average), Pick Rate of 3.91% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.92% (Low).

Is Shaco jungle AP or AD?

AP Shaco excels in finishing kills off but AD is much better at making kills happen on his own, along with providing his team with insane pressure around the map because of his dueling ability. In summary, AP Shaco is extremely bursty and fast with a much easier build path compared to AD.

Is shaco strong early?

Shaco is a champion who stands very strong early game and is known for his deadly ganks, but severely falls off late game, apart from supports almost any champion with a similar total gold will be able to defeat him without suffering too much damage.

What is the best shaco skin?

Dark Star Shaco is considered the best Shaco skin since it showcases his abilities in a more profound sense without conforming to the stereotypical jester design that’s so dragged out in skins like Workshop Shaco, Royal Shaco, and Mad Hatter Shaco.

Is Shaco useless?

Early game he just doesn’t do any damage, his ganking potential is limited by his short stealth, and his clear is just straight up garbage and can never stay healthy in the jungle before his tiamat.

What is Shaco syndrome?

The Shaco syndrome is defined by the community as “a law that states that any mechanically complex champion on your team will be completely useless and feed, while on the enemy team they will be gods and carry their team.” The term can also refer to any champion who satisfies the condition regardless of their …