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How do you pass level 323 on candy crush?

How do you pass level 323 on candy crush?

Level 323 is the third level in Munchy Monolith and the 124th jelly level. To pass this level, you must collect 16 yellow candies in 20 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points….Current version.

Level 323
Difficulty Very Easy

Why does soda crush Say connection error?

It may occur due to many reasons but one of them is if you change your Facebook or Kingdom password without logging out the game, the game app will be corrupted. If you find the image below while connecting game to the server, you can be sure that your game app has been corrupted.

Why can’t I use my coconut wheels in Candy Crush?

Unlike other special candies, the Coconut Wheel cannot be generated or created within a game by any candy combinations. Its appearance is already set and defined by the levels. It can, however, be equipped prior to starting a game as a booster, if made available.

How do you get free boosters on candy crush?

There are not many ways to get free boosters in the Candy Crush app itself. In addition, you can obtain some of these via the daily spin wheel. However, it is a good idea to log in to your Facebook account from the computer and play every once in a while. There are times you get free boosters via Facebook.

Why is Candy Crush soda not connecting?

May have corrupted your game files, or something on your PC, might have froze it. Again, contact your *ISP to see what is going on with them first. Then do your troubleshooting steps. Once you have done that, then again, can contact King Support thru your game.

Why does Candy Crush not connect to server?

Go to Settings > open App Manager. Scroll down until you find the Candy Crush Saga app > select it. Force stop the app, and clear cache and data. Now, try to connect Candy Crush Saga for Android with your Facebook account.

What happens when you mix a color bomb with a coconut wheel?

One coconut wheel turns the entire row/column into striped candies and detonate them all at once. Then this is repeated for the other coconut wheel. Essentially, this is performing a colour bomb + colour bomb combination twice, only it is much more effective if there is no liquorice or icing in the way.

What is the pink circle with a check in candy Crush?

Lucky candies
Lucky candies look like circles with a large tick (check mark) on the centre. To activate a lucky candy, one must switch it like a regular candy to form a match-three or higher.

Is candy crush rigged?

Yes definitely rigged. Even if you buy, you pass couple of levels and then run out of what you bought and need to buy again. Not fun any more, been playing for a long time. Will look for another fun game that does not require you to buy to pass every level.

Can you beat candy crush without paying?

If you want to play without paying, you’ll need to wait to earn more lives when they run out, or you could purchase more lives with gold bars. You can also earn power-ups to help you beat the more difficult levels.