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How do you make beaded daisy chain rings?

How do you make beaded daisy chain rings?


  1. Start the Daisy Chain Stitch. First, cut your thread.
  2. Make a Circle with the Beads. Pull the thread tight to form a loop.
  3. Add a Bead Center to the Daisy.
  4. Complete the First Daisy Stitch.
  5. Start the Second Daisy Stitch.
  6. Add a Daisy Center.
  7. Continue Adding Daisies.

How do you finish a beaded daisy chain?

To finish your flower, thread the needle through the petal bead on the opposite side of your center bead and pull tightly so that the beads wrap around all the way around the center bead. Add another section of spacer beads, then repeat the daisy process (add half of the petal beads, then your center, etc).

Why is it called daisy chain?

Beginning in 1898, a local florist, W. A. Saltford, was hired to make the chain from daisies picked by the sophomore class, who would scour the campus and, in later years, all over Dutchess County for the thousands of required daisies. The first commercially-made chain was sixty-seven feet long.

What is French beading?

If you’ve stumbled here because you’re not sure what French beading is, let me just quickly explain. It is a traditional beading technique using wire. You will be threading seed beads onto wire, then shaping them to create petals, leaves and flowers.

How do you make a simple daisy crown?

Use a fingernail to make a small slit in the bottom half of each stem. Thread one stem through the slit in the next, creating a chain. Continue, adding flowers to reach desired length. To form a circle or crown, make a second slit in the stem of the first flower, and slip the last flower through it.

Can you use daisy chains for beads?

Moreover, the stitch will work with most bead thread, as long as it can pass through the beads multiple times. Daisy chains make great bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chains for eyeglasses, purse straps, and more. They’re a great way to use a variety of colors from bead mixes, and you can even choose to make daisies with multicolored petals.

How do you add Daisies to a ring chain?

Pull snugly, so the bead just added centers itself in the ring. Then, continue adding more daisies using the same method you did for the second daisy stitch until the chain reaches your desired length. Knot the ends, or add a clasp if you wish.

What is a daisy chain stitch?

The daisy chain is often one of the first bead stitches children learn because it is easy, quick, and fun. It doesn’t take any special materials other than a needle, thread, and beads. Almost any bead size and type can be used, as the number of daisy petals can be adjusted to fit around whichever size bead you’re using for the daisy centers.

How do you make Daisies with petal beads?

Then, start with a circle of six petal beads in one color. Pick up a center bead, and secure it in place by skipping two beads and stitching up through the third bead. Gently pull so the daisy beads are snug. Pick up two beads in your preferred petal color for the next daisy on the chain.