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How do you make a wreath with rags?

How do you make a wreath with rags?


  1. Cut out 6 inch by 1 inch strips. They don’t need to be perfect.
  2. Tie each strip onto each of the wire rings on the wreath form. Just tie with a simple knot. And keep going until all of your fabric is used up.
  3. That’s all! You can add a cute ribbon or leave it as is.

What size strips for rag wreath?

MAKE A RAG WREATH THAT’S NICE AND FLUFFY They usually recommend 1-inch strips. Those strips are often cut with a circular cutter and a cutting mat to get perfect strips. They don’t usually have a certain colour palette in mind.

How do you make a mini rag wreath?


  1. Use a marker to draw around your circular objects on the cardboard.
  2. Cut out the resulting doughnut shape.
  3. Tie on a piece of cord for hanging.
  4. A little spot of glue will help keep it in place.
  5. Cut your fabric into strips of approximately 2.5cm x 30cm.
  6. Tie the strips around the card using a double knot.

What kind of fabric do you use for a rag wreath?

Medium weight cotton fabric such as quilting fabric works well but this is also a great way to use up old sheets or pillowcases-the amount of fabric that you will need will depend on the size of your wreath form but ¼ of a yard of each color or pattern is a good start.

How many fabric strips do I need for a rag wreath?

260 fabric strips
Strips of fabric – Make roughly 260 fabric strips out of your 4 yards of material.

How much material do I need for a rag wreath?

Depending on the size of the wreath form, this project needs about 2.5 yards of fabric. This one was 14 inches and I decided to get . 5 yards of each color. I had a little extra left, so if you use a 16in wreath form or larger, you might want to get just a little more fabric.

How do you cut rag wreath strips?

DIY Fabric Wreath Project Steps

  1. Select fabric.
  2. Cut fabric into strips (if not using pre-cut fabric)
  3. Trim ends.
  4. Cut fabric strips into 8″ segments.
  5. Cut and organize fabric strips.
  6. Fold fabric strip in half.
  7. Thread folded strip under outer 2 rings.
  8. Tie fabric with an overhand knot.

How many fat quarters do you need to make a rag wreath?

Fat quarters are generally 18 by 22 inches (short and fat compared to cutting a quarter or a yard off the bolt) and are really easy to cut into the right size. You’ll need five fat quarters for this project. You are going to cut the fabric into 2 inch wide strips that are about 6 inches long.

How do you make a rag wreath with a wire hanger?


  1. Cut your fabric into 2 inch by 6 inch strips.
  2. Bend and shape the wire hanger into a circle. The hook makes a perfect wreath hanger.
  3. Tie the fabric strips onto the hanger.
  4. Put in a movie and tie, tie, tie!
  5. Continue to tie and scrunch the fabric together until the wreath is as full as you like it.

How to make an easy patriotic wreath?

Step 1 – Spray paint the wreath. I didn’t like the dark brown color of the wreath.

  • Step 2 – Cut out stars. I couldn’t find stars the size I wanted so I decided to try cutting them out on my Cricut.
  • Step 3 – Paint the stars.
  • Step 3 – Make a bow.
  • Step 4 – Attach the stars to the wreath.
  • Step 5 – Add some sparkle.
  • Step 6 – Add hanger.
  • How to make a wreath in any style?

    All you need is:

  • A wire coat hanger
  • Hot glue gun
  • Baubles/pine cones/ribbon/artificial holly and berries
  • How to make a prodded Rag wreath?

    How to Make a Rag Wreath . Dig through your fabric stash and round up all of your scraps—the more colors and patterns, the better. If you have to go to the store to get new fabric, ask if they have a scrap bin or discounted fabrics in a variety of patterns. Pick out the fabrics that go with your front door or the chosen room’s color scheme.

    How to make a natural evergreen wreath?

    Evergreen branches – The best choices are cedar,pine,and fir.

  • Wire wreath form – An essential is having a wire form as your base for the wreath.
  • Homemade wreath form – use an old form you already own,bend green branches of willow or grapevine into a circle,secure,and let dry,try bending a high gauge