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How do you make a strong aluminum foil boat?

How do you make a strong aluminum foil boat?


  1. Cut two squares of aluminum foil, making one square twice the size of the other square.
  2. Fold the two aluminum foil squares into two different boat shapes.
  3. Make finishing touches to the boats.
  4. Now give each boat a super cool name.

How would you shape a piece of aluminum foil so that it floats on water?

You’ll need some aluminum foil, 10 pennies and a sink or large bowl half-filled with water.

  1. Cut the foil into two pieces, each six inches square.
  2. Take the other piece of foil and bend the edges up tightly, forming a boat or raft shape with a flat bottom.
  3. Gently place both foil-penny combinations in the water.

At what diameter does an aluminum boat sink?

Now crumple the same aluminum ball a little more tightly, into a smaller ball that is approximately 5 cm in diameter….Figure 4.

Amount of Aluminum Ball Under Water Percent to Record in Lab Notebook
Two-thirds 67%
Three-fourths 75%
Almost completely 90%
All 100%

What is the best shape for a boat to float?

flat bottom
Metal boats can float when their density (which is defined as mass per unit of volume) is less than that of water. In addition, the shape of the boat is very important. A flat bottom is best, with sides to keep out the water and a large surface area that touches the water.

How do you make an aluminum foil boat float?


  1. Cut a piece of tin foil 5 x 6 inches.
  2. Fold up the sides of the boat so it will not sink and hold a cargo of pennies.
  3. Place the boat in the bowl of water.
  4. See how many pennies your boat can carry before it sinks.
  5. Have some friends over and try this experiment with them.

Does aluminum foil float on water?

If it is denser than water it sinks. Why the second piece of foil floats and does not sink is because when we crumple it into a ball, it now has air pockets in it. These air pockets reduce the foil’s average density, making it float.

How many pennies will sink a paper boat?

Depending on the paper used, it will absorb water quickly or slowly and then weaken. The paper will darken as it absorbs water. Depending on the type of paper used, the boat may hold from 30-40 pennies before the wet paper collapses and the boat sinks.

What happened to the boat made of foil with more number coins less number of coins?

Things float if they are less dense than the liquid they are in ( in this case water ). If they are more dense they sink. Adding coins to the boats increased the density and when the density became greater than that of water the boat sank.

What shape is the most buoyant?

flat-bottomed shape
The chances are that the flat-bottomed shape you made was the most buoyant, and that’s because it has a larger surface area than the other shapes. More of the foil was in contact with the water, which means that there was more water underneath it pushing up on it, so it could support more weight before it sunk.