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How do you make a campfire Mountain pie?

How do you make a campfire Mountain pie?


  1. Spread butter over bread slices. Place one slice in a sandwich iron, buttered side down. Spread with pizza sauce; sprinkle with 2 tablespoons cheese, pepperoni and, if desired, green pepper.
  2. Cook over a hot campfire until golden brown and cheese is melted, 3-6 minutes, turning occasionally.

How long do you cook hobo pie?

Cooking time is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the how hot your fire or grill is. My family prefers the vegetables to be on the burnt side, and we all fight over the veggies that burn onto the foil!

How long do you leave pie iron in fire?

Close & lock the pie iron. Cook over the fire or on top of your campfire embers until the crust is golden brown, flipping as needed to ensure even heat. Exact timing will be variable depending on your campfire intensity, but generally, this will only take 2-3 minutes.

What is the best bread for mountain pies?

Generously butter two slices of sandwich bread–white or whole wheat, it’s your choice, though I tend to think the paler slices crisp up more effectively–and place buttered side down in each half of the pie iron.

Are mountain pies a PA thing?

Mountain Pies was founded in 2016 and is located at 4633 National Pike in Markleysburg, Pa. It is a heavenly place where savory pizza pies and sweet bakery pies live happily together!

What are hobo meals?

Hobo Dinner Foil Packets are so simple to make and everyone raves about them! Comforting veggies including potatoes, carrots, and onions are topped with a seasoned hamburger patty and grilled or baked to tender perfection.

How do you use a camping pie iron?

Preparing this cast iron cooking tool:

  1. Start by seasoning the cast iron plates of the pie iron.
  2. Use hot water and dish soap to thoroughly wash the iron before using.
  3. Completely dry the iron.
  4. Next coat the entire pie iron with vegetable oil.
  5. Heat the iron over the campfire or grill for 15 minutes.

How do you clean campfire pie irons?

Steps for Spring Cleaning the Pie Irons

  1. Soak pie irons in bucket of hot, soapy water for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Scrub the inside and the outside of the pie irons, using a scrub brush or even steel wool when necessary to remove any rust.
  3. Rinse with hot water.
  4. Dry thoroughly over coals or a fire.
  5. Carefully!!

How do you use a hobo pie maker?

Hobo pies are super-simple. Select two pieces of bread, and cover those two pieces of bread in butter. Then you fill the sandwich with your favorite sandwich filling, be it cheese, ham, or peanut butter and jelly. Place the sandwich in a hobo pie maker, then place your pie iron into the fire!

How do you get rust off a mountain pie maker?

How do you store pie irons?

You should never leave cast iron to soak in water and always ensure the pan is completely dry (do not air dry) before storing. When you’re finished with your pie iron, give the pan a quick wipe with a paper towel to remove excess oil or debris.