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How do you GREY out a field in SAP?

How do you GREY out a field in SAP?

MODIFY SCREEN. ENDIF. ENDLOOP. Changing the input value to 0 for this screen element will disable input and makes the input field appear as grayed out.

How do I GREY out fields in TMG?

Go to EDIT mode. Double Click on the field which u want to edit the attributes. a separate pop-up will come. In the Screen “Attribute” section select “Program” tab, there uncheck the “Input Field” checkbox.

How do you disable a field in SAP?

If your process flows through a userexit that checks field modification – you can set your condition and use ‘SCREEN-INPUT = 0. ‘ to disable the field – you may need an ABAPer.

How do I turn off input fields in SAP?

Hi Lawrance,

  1. First check in PBO that you are getting the PARAMETER VALUES. else use GET PARAMETER ID key word.
  2. Store them in Temp Variables.
  3. use LOOP AT SCREEN to disable the Screen fields.
  4. again pass the temp Variables back to the Parameter Fields.

How do I use TMG Events in ABAP?

Update and Create Events in Table Maintenance Generator

  1. Create a custom table.
  2. Click on utilities, go to table maintenance generator.
  3. Enter the details of the function group, propose screen numbers and click on save, we will provide the package name.
  4. For TMG events, In menu Click on Environment–>Modifications–>Events.

How do I delete TMG in ABAP?

Make Delete Button Disable in TMG

  1. Please follow the steps below in order to disable the Delete Button Disable in TMG:
  2. Make Delete Button Disable in TMG SAP ABAP.
  3. Then go utilities-> Table Maintenance Generator.
  4. Then this screen will appear.
  5. Then Activate function group.
  6. Then double click in this module and continue.

How do I make my screen field non editable in SAP?

screen-active = ‘1’.

  1. screen-input = ‘0’.
  2. screen-output = ‘1’.
  3. screen-invisible = ‘0’.
  4. screen-request = ‘1’.

How do I disable a field in ME51N?

You can disable or grey out standard field in ME51N on certain condition. the solution you need to create Enhancement Implementation in function module MEREQBADI_FS_ITEM and create enhancement on last line and put this ABAP Code into this enhancement.

How do you make a field invisible in module pool?

If user select Value ‘X’ for field A, then field B and C will be visible in the Screen. Else, user select value ‘Y’ for field A, then field B will be visible – But, field C will be invisible.

How do I add a field in TMG in ABAP?

Go to tcode SE80 and open the function group and select the screen number and click on Layout from toolbar. Name the new column as the same updated in the table structure. Go to Element List->General Tab: Tick the red marked field as dictionary field. Finally Activate the Table Maintenance Generator.

What is the purpose of TMG in SAP ABAP?

Table Maintenance Generator (TMG) is a tool which is used to create a equipment by which customized tables created by end users can be changed as required,such as making an entry to that table,deleating an entry etc.

How do you edit a TMG in SAP?