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How do you get the paradox scope in ff13 2?

How do you get the paradox scope in ff13 2?

You can get the Paradox Scope after beating the last boss. But be aware that battles will be much tougher. Each of these alternative endings require you to go close gates and re-do levels.

How do you unlock serendipity in ff13 2?

Serendipity is node 10 on this map. There are two ways to get there, this is the way most people will access serendipity when you complete the chapter 3 in sequential order (part 1 then part 2) you get there by opening the gate to the very south in node 12 Yaschas Massif AF01X.

What does AF mean in ff13 2?

After Fall
Square Enix explain that “AF” stands for “After Fall” — as in, the fall of Cocoon, since Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes place after that event.

Does ff13 2 have different endings?

In addition to the true ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are eight alternate endings referred to as “Paradox Endings”. These eight endings can only be triggered by doing certain tasks in the worlds.

How do you win slots in ff13 2?

There is 3 modes: Normal mode: 5 coins. Victory mode: 10 coins, reach by aligning three nines. Super victory mode: 100 coins, reach by aligning 3 ochus or aligning another times three nines….Slots.

Play Type Manual Auto-Play
That machine’s on fire. 119% 91%
It’s like a hot summer’s day! 130% 99%

When a woman calls someone a Chocobo Feather Man What does she mean?

The answers to the questions are always in the same order….New Town South Terminal.

Question Answer Button
When a woman calls someone a ‘chocobo feather man,’ what does she mean? Someone who won’t commit /

How do you unlock Vile Peaks 010 AF?

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, visiting Vile Peaks is optional, and it is unlocked in the Historia Crux by using wild artefacts on the gates leading to Vile Peaks 010 AF (via Academia 4XX AF) and 200 AF (via Archylte Steppe).

How long does it take to beat ff13 2?

between 30 and 40 hours
The Final Fantasy 13-2 story takes between 30 and 40 hours to complete, the development team has revealed. Once complete, you can reload your cleared save data and resume play from a point just before the final boss, Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Siliconera) reports.