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How do you get the chaos lair key?

How do you get the chaos lair key?

To access the lair, you need to get the Chaos Lair Key from Butters’ room. Then, you have to hit the ladder above the dumpster beside the hobo/street merchant. Once inside, go north then east then open the right-most storage. The chinpokomon is located on top of the vent.

Where is the key in South Park Stick of Truth?

Head back into the hall and go right to the Counselor’s office. Inside, the key is up on the shelf. Use your bow or dodgeball again to knock it down. Collect the key and return to the cafeteria.

How do you get the barn key in South Park Stick of Truth?

You must set Jimmy as your active buddy and then head to the farm. If Jimmy is your active buddy, the Rancher will be there, and after some dialogue he’ll give you the key to the barn.

Where do I find Jimbo’s key?

Once you kill all of the animals, return to Jimbo. He and Ned will become your friends. You will also receive a key to Jimbo’s stash. It is in the attic.

How do you unlock Professor Chaos?

In order to get the ability back you need to complete the side quest Always Bet On Chaos. This becomes available during the 3rd day when Professor Chaos calls you and asks you to meet at the bank. Complete the economic mini-game and you will get a loan for Professor Chaos.

How do you get the gold key in South Park?

Approach the injured kid and order Butters to heal him up. You’ll get the Silver Key afterward. Backtrack to the east and use the Silver Key to open the Counselor’s room. Loot the items inside and shoot the Gold Key from the shelf.

What do I do with Jimbo’s key?

You will also receive a key to Jimbo’s stash. It is in the attic. Use the probe to get there. However, the weapon that you find there, is not of the best kind and you can buy something better from him at the store.

How do I get a Jimmy flute?

The cows are going to immediately blow themselves up for damage so have Jimmy use Lullaby to put them to sleep and then attack. When the cows are dead, climb the ladder and on the upper floor there will be a container with the flute inside.

How do you get a silver key?

Silver Keys can be found in various places in all Albion, just waiting for the Hero to find them. Their main purpose is to open Silver Chests. You’ll mostly have to fish for them or dig them out of the ground as they are mostly found inside flowery circles, or in water where ripples can be seen.

How do you get Jimbo’s Quest in Stick of Truth?

To start the quest, buy the book “Hunter’s Guide to South Park Wildlife” from Jimbo. He will give you six items to use to lure out the creatures. First, the Rabid Junkyard Dog is located east of Kenny’s house. Place the Moldy Sausage in the deflated tube to lure it out.

Where do you put the Fromunda cheese?

Shoot the wheel on the pipe to cause hesitations in the sewage so that you can pass through it. Continue to the right and activate the switch, raising the gate. Head up the ladder. From here, head left and place the Fromunda Cheese on the platform.