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How do you get fizzle claw?

How do you get fizzle claw?

Fizzle’s Claw drops off from Fizzle Darkstorm, a hostile goblin found in Thunder Ridge in Durotar.

Where is Fizzle?

Thunder Ridge
Fizzle Darkclaw (formerly Darkstorm) was a Burning Blade goblin warlock found in Thunder Ridge in Durotar….

Fizzle Darkclaw
Location Thunder Ridge, Durotar[42.1, 26.6]
Status Deceased

Where is Margoz?

Margoz is an orc shaman quest giver located in a tent south of Bladefist Bay in Durotar.

How do you get to Margoz?

Margoz is located outside of Orgrimmar in a small hut. He is in between Drygulch Ravine and the coast. What is this? And if you’re coming from Skull Rock, just head downwards all the way.

Where is Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar?

the Cleft of Shadow
Neeru Fireblade is a level 37 orc located in the Cleft of Shadow in the orcish city of Orgrimmar.

Where is AK Zeloth?

Ak’Zeloth is an orc located at Far Watch Post in the Northern Barrens. He is the assistant of Neeru Fireblade and Arnak Fireblade.

How do you get to Neeru Fireblade?

Neeru Fireblade is IN the tent closest to the meeting stone for Ragefire Chasm. That’s in the lower part of the Cleft of Shadow in the middle of Orgrimmar.

Where can I find flawed power stones?

The Flawed Power Stones is located at Far Watch Post in the Barrens.

Is Neeru Fireblade good?

As expected, Neeru fireblade does nothing in 9 games out of 10, just sits there as a dead weight. And when you play it, the opponent can still handle the imps for 2-3 turns which is often enough. Jarlaxx is far more better than Neeru, no need to empty your deck. He is enough as a finisher.

Where is Dreadmist peak?

the Northern Barrens
is a mountain northwest of the Crossroads in the Northern Barrens. As you climb to the top of the Peak, the atmosphere becomes red and foggy. At the top is the home of a group of Burning Blade cultists.