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How do you get a National Geographic article published?

How do you get a National Geographic article published?

National Geographic Partners Unfortunately, our magazine and website editors do not accept any unsolicited photographs for publication. They plan articles and features months, sometimes years in advance and make assignments based on the coverage envisioned.

How do you pitch National Geographic travel?

For Wildlife Watch pitches specifically, email them to [email protected].

How do you get featured in National Geographic?

How to submit your photos to National Geographic

  1. You can submit your photos to National Geographic Your Shot community on Instagram @natgeoyourshot or
  2. To submit submit your photography you will have to use the hashtag #YourShotPhotographer .

Who owns National Geographic travel?

National Geographic Partners, LLC is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company (which owns 73% of shares) and the namesake non-profit scientific organization National Geographic Society (which owns 27%).

How much do National Geographic writers make?

National Geographic Salary FAQs The average salary for a Writer is $49,365 per year in United States, which is 11% lower than the average National Geographic salary of $55,891 per year for this job.

How hard is it to write for National Geographic?

National Geographic Magazine Of all the National Geographic magazines, this will be the toughest publication to write for because there is so much competition for jobs. According to the magazine’s website, many of its writers have studied the sciences, journalism and English. Some have also studied several languages.

How much do National Geographic journalists make?

National Geographic Society Writers earn $54,000 annually, or $26 per hour, which is 8% higher than the national average for all Writers at $50,000 annually and 20% lower than the national salary average for ‚Äčall working Americans.

Does National Geographic pay photos?

National Geographic photographers are all independent contractors. That means that their contracts cover one story at a time. No contract, no work; no work, no paycheck. The editorial rate in the U.S. is about $400-$500 per day.