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How do you draw a power interest grid?

How do you draw a power interest grid?

Here are six steps to using a power interest grid:

  1. Make a list of your stakeholders.
  2. Create your power interest grid.
  3. Populate the grid with stakeholders.
  4. Create your stakeholder management plan.
  5. Understand your most important stakeholders.
  6. Communicate with your stakeholders.

What is mendelow’s power interest grid?

Mendelow’s Matrix consists of four boxes representing stakeholders with: High Interest and High Power – These will be considered key players and a business will need to actively engage this group. This group are likely to have the significant influence; they may be the driver behind the change or strategy.

What are the four quadrants of a power interest grid?

The grid is split into four quadrants, the bottom left is keep informed; the top left is actively consult; top right is actively engage; and bottom right is maintain interest.

What is mendelow’s Matrix PDF?

The Mendelow Matrix (or Mendelow’s Matrix) is a tool to analyse and map project stakeholders through determining the potential influence of the stakeholder groups for a project. The matrix assesses the level of power and level of interest of either individual stakeholders or stakeholder groups.

Why is mendelow’s Matrix important?

By creating a Mendelow’s Matrix you can easily identify your priority stakeholder audiences and therefore work out a plan to manage communications while keeping all groups satisfied. Equally, when planning a communications campaign, you can analyse stakeholder audiences to be targeted using this tool.

What is a power influence grid?

The Power/Influence Grid, which is also known as the Power/Influence Matrix in stakeholder management, is a simple tool that helps you categorize project stakeholders by the power and influence they have on the project. This tool is very similar to the Power/Interest grid.

What is power interest Matrix?

The Power Interest Grid, which is also known as the Power Interest Matrix, is a simple tool that helps you categorize project stakeholders with increasing power and interest in the project. This tool helps you focus on the key stakeholders who can make or break your project.